Roverway UK Challenge

Roverway 2016 – UK Contingent Challenge

This is for all of UK Participants and IST members!

Try and get some phottographic evidence or a member of Roverway team/ programme IST to sign your handbook. Once you’re done come and visit the UK CMT during our programme time to get some treats! Complete 10 or more of the following:

  1. Start a Mexican wave at your Opening Ceremony.
  2. Collect a badge from at least 10 different countries.
  3. Learn, and sing another country’s National Anthem.
  4. Re-create the UKC tents and Eiffel tower in a creative way.
  5. Send out a #RoverwayUK tweet and get it liked/retweeted by someone famous/ important!
  6. Do the Can-Can Dance with at least 20 people, from 3 different countries!
  7. Try a new food/ dish.
  8. Learn how to introduce yourself (’Hello, my name is’ in at least 3 new languages.
  9. Get an international patrol/ IST member to try a British   classic (e.g. Jammie Dodgers, Marmite, Haggis etc.)
  10. Write a song about how awesome Roverway is.
  11. Learn your Scout/ Guide Promise in another language.
  12. Cook a traditional French meal.
  13. Take part in an activity that you’ve never done before.
  14. Send a postcard home to your Leader/ Commissioner to cheer them up.
  15. Teach a new game to people from a different country.
  16. Make a human pyramid of at least 6 people.
  17. Help out a member of the IST, even if it’s not your job!
  18. Share something about UK Scouting/ Girlguiding with someone from another country, and learn something about their organisation.
  19. Attend a ceremony associated with a different set of beliefs to your own.
  20. Cheer up the CMT – tell us a joke!