PL Academy

Calling all PLs and APLs, it is now time to sign up for the PL Academy on the 14-15 April 2018!

The PL Academy will be an opportunity for all Patrols Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders to meet each other, find out the latest information about Roverway and learn skills and techniques that will be vital to perform the role during the event.

Please see below for some FAQs relating to the PL Academy.

Please note that details on food, kit and programme will follow after sign-ups have been received.

Do we need to complete a NAN or NAP form?

You should send your Nights Away Notification (NAN) as soon as possible.  We have saved a copy of the form that you can use here – this will need to be sent to your local commissioner.

You will not require a Night Away Permit (NAP) for the weekend, as a member of the CMT will act as the Nights Away Holder. However please ensure that you have started getting provision for a permit in place for your patrol as you will need it for the summer.

When should we have signed up by?

Please sign up to attend using the personalised link in the launch email by the 25th of March. If you have not received this, please let us know at

What should I do if I am unable to attend?

Please email us at and we would encourage you to ask another member of your patrol to sign up.

Who is this weekend for?

Every patrol is expected to send two participants to the training weekend.  Where possible this should be the PL and APL as we will be working on skills to support you to lead your patrol.

How can I get to Kibblestone?

The closest train station is Stone – a short drive away from the site.  We will not be operating a shuttle service, but advise you try and co-ordinate travel in the PL Facebook group ahead of the weekend.

Will catering be provided?

Catering starts from Saturday lunch, ending with a grab-and-go lunch from 1:30pm on the Sunday. You will need to provide your own food (including Saturday breakfast) if you choose to stay at Kibblestone prior to the event.

When do we need to be there?

Registration on the 14th April will be open from 9-9:45am. If you wish to arrive on the Friday night then please contact Kibblestone directly to arrange camping space or accommodation. On the Saturday night, we will be camping around Fox Glen.

When and where is it?

This training event will take place at Kibblestone International Scout Campsite (Stone, Staffordshire) on the weekend 14-15th April.