FAQs for IST

Please note that the FAQs below are written primarily for IST attending Roverway 2018. Please find further FAQs for participants here and for County/Country contacts here.


Can I change my travel options?

After you have completed your initial registration, travel options will be changed at our discretion based on the progress of booking flights. Please email us to discuss this further.

What happens if my medical / personal needs change?

After entering your details onto Eventsair, you can relog onto the system to update your details.  If details change within 1 month of the event then please email us to make us aware.

Will we get an IST badge?

Yes you will receive a UK IST Contingent badge.  Of course you are allowed to design your own for swaps but it must follow the brand guidelines (found here).

When will I find out more?

Once you are signed up as IST, you will then be invited to attend our briefing events where you will get to find out more about Roverway itself. The CMT will be coming to you as part of The Grand Rover Tour to make it easier for you to get updates on your Roverway journey.

What makes Roverway different from any other camp?

At Roverway, everyone’s experience is different. For our International Service Team, Roverway is unique in that the first five days are spent finishing the build of the central camp. This gives you a real chance to make your mark on the event. As well as this, it also allows for five days before the patrols arrive. This means you won’t just be working all the time but taking part in some of the activities too!

How much will Roverway cost?

Please see the Roverway Costs page for more information.

Where will I go and when?

The UK Scout Contingent’s journey will begin with a two-day pre-event in Amsterdam for all Contingent members from 21-23 July. This will give the Contingent time to get to know each other before the event, as well as exploring one of Europe’s most famous cities.

We will then travel to The Hague for the Opening Ceremony, where the main event starts. The main event will run from 23 July to 2 August in The Netherlands. This is then followed by five days where patrols will be out on a Path exploring The Netherlands, giving IST the time to try out the main site activities and programme. The event finishes with a five day Jamboree-style central camp in Zeewolde, where all 3,000 participants and IST (International Service Team) will come together to celebrate and discover more about each others’ cultures.

The UK Scout Contingent aim to supplement to the main event with briefing events – The Grand Rover Tour in early 2018 for all participants and IST and PL Academy in April 2018 for Patrol Leaders – and a pre-event for 48 hours prior to the Opening Ceremony. You can find out more about the programme here.

How do I sign up?

Applications have now closed for IST at Roverway 2018.

Who is it for?

IST at Roverway will be aged 23 and over, offering a unique balance of programme, training and service.

Roverway appeals to a wide-range of people but they all share the same passion for discovering new countries and cultures. This could mean those who have either attended or are planning to attend another international Scouting event (e.g. World Scout Jamborees and Moots etc) alongside those who have not attended international events. The main thing we are looking for is a sense of adventure and a willingness to represent the UK on an international platform.

The Grand Rover Tour

Do I need to attend the Grand Rover Tour?

All IST should aim to attend one of the stops on the Grand Rover Tour – you will have been emailed an allocation based on your address. If you are unable to make your stop, you can request to change to another stop using the form below.

Amsterdam Pre-Event

If travelling alone (Option B), where do I meet the UK Contingent?

We will meet at a central location in Amsterdam – this will be confirmed closer to the event.

Packing for travel

Try and keep all items within bags to prevent accidental loss in transport.  We recommend you pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage.  You can also hand wash a few clothes on site to aid the packing process.

Is the pre-event in Amsterdam optional?

No.  This is an exciting and integral part of the UK Scout Contingent experience and was included following feedback from previous events.

Opening Ceremony

How do we reach the main site?

Following the Opening Ceremony in the Hague, you will be transferred to the central camp, Zeewolde.

Central Camp

What do I do if I have a problem on Roverway?

  • Make use of IST Liaison to pass on non-urgent issues
  • Any issues during a shift then first talk to your line manager (who will have briefed you at the start of the shift).  If the concern remains then inform IST Liaison / CMT.
  • Personal / Medical needs – make full use of the site medical service first but if your issue needs further discussion, see the CMT.

Can I share a tent?

Space will be limited on site but yes you can. Please note that some IST roles may require early mornings, late nights or night shifts so find a tentmate who wouldn’t mind this!

Can I drive to Roverway 2018?

It has not been guaranteed that there will be car parking on site – we are hoping to confirm this soon.

Will we get down time?

Yes.  During your time at Roverway you will balance shifts with training and activity opportunities.  We emphasise that unless for medical reasons which must be discussed with CMT, your responsibility is to meet all work expectations.

Can we bring alcohol?

Roverway 2018 is a dry site which is to be followed strictly.  Please respect this.

Do we need anything specific for our IST role?

All resources needed to complete any jobs at Roverway will be provided by the organisers.

After Roverway

Can I continue to travel after Roverway?

If option B then yes.  When entering your details on Eventsair, if you plan to continue travelling then make sure your enter this to ensure you are fully insured (potential extra cost).

Still got a question?