The Central Camp

From the 10th to the 14th August the entire contingent will join the rest of the European contingents at Jambville, just north of Paris. Coming together participants will enjoy 4 days of fun on a giant scale: living together, working together, learning together, and helping each other. We’ll be located in sub camps called ‘villages’ of up to 500 people, this is your opportunity to continue building the great friendships you started on the Roads in addition to meeting new people and making friends.

On the 10th August, you will be welcomed to your village, and the evening programme will be French themed with lots of traditional food and entertainment.

During Roverway, participants will take part in a number of programmed activities such as:


Be your Own Super Hero

This activity is focusing on your self-awareness and confidence.  This workshop based activity looks at exploring yourself, your abilities and skills and recognising you are a super hero!




Broadening Horizons

This activity explores the uniqueness of how diverse we are within Europe.  This looks at learning more about other people’s cultures and traditions in addition to sharing your own culture with other participants at Roverway.






A Better world

This part of the programme is based on how we interact with the environment and what steps we need to take in order to be more sustainable. This looks at how we can address sustainability by educating ourselves and others about different choices.





Making choices

The primary focus of this activity is how we view ourselves as European and global citizens and our contribution to society and the world.  This will look at how we can take social action to make the world a better place.


In the evenings you will have free time.  This can be spent with your patrol in your village or meeting new people and making friends.  There will be a couple of food houses available at Roverway and plenty of opportunities to meet and social with other Scouting and Guiding friends.

On the 13th August the day will begin with some reflection of Roverway.  This is a time to think about your experiences of the past two weeks, the things you have learnt, the friends you have made and the memories of the event.  In the afternoon there will be the ‘Festival of Culture’.  The Festival of Culture is an opportunity for the UK to showcase our rich diversity and culture!  Whether your patrol chooses to do some Highland dancing, play a game of cricket or have afternoon tea, this is our time to show our friends at Roverway what the UK is really like.  This is also an opportunity for us to learn about other people’s cultures and ways of life by visiting other patrols across the camp and learning about their way of life.

On the 14th August we will head up to Paris for the Roverway closing ceremony which will mark the end of the event.