The Roads: first six days of Roverway, discovering the real France with friends from all over Europe!


The Roads have been created with local Scouting, Guiding and charity partners across France, offering diversity and fun.  The Roads have been created to give the participants an exciting and cultural experience of France.

There are 4 key parts to a Road:

• Engaging with a local partner to complete a service project
• To participate in activities with other members of the patrol / tribe
• To create a European identity for the Road
• To discover the “French Touch” / The French Way

Each Road is based on one of four themes, these are:



Peace Roads are centred on how we collaboratively improve the world we live in. By taking part in projects such as teaching children about human rights or learning about the impact of World War 1 in France, you will contributing to promoting peace and tolerance




Environment Roads are about getting back to nature. Whether you chose to mountaineering on the Pyrenees or redeveloping a water activity centre, you will be on projects directly supporting the environment.




Culture Roads are based on learning and engaging in France’s rich culture. Whether this is supporting a traditional French circus or renovating an 11th century castle in the south west of the country, you will be at the heart of learning about French culture.





Solidarity Roads look at how we interact and support one another. Some projects to choose from are working with blind deaf people to understand their lives and how to support them or you could be running a summer school with young people teaching them games and skills for the duration, these Roads are focussed on how we support one another as humans.


Some Roads may be located at one campsite throughout, others will be on the move throughout the duration of the Road.  It all depends on what Road your patrol have chosen

The Roads are about the projects that you select, you’ll also have time to spend with members of your European tribe.  Each evening you’ll be cooking with your patrol and have an opportunity to spend time meeting new people and learning about their cultures.  If you have a patrol skill such as a team dance, song or even comedy routine this would be a great opportunity to showcase these!

The Roads are a fantastic chance to learn new skills, gain new experiences and meet new people.

After a week on a Road all roads will regroup at a crossroad and then go to the central camp at Jambville. This Jamboree style experience is located about an hour north of Paris is the ideal place to live the European Roverway for the final part of the Roverway experience.