FAQ - Travel and Entry (2)

updated 28/05/2016

Where is my Opening Ceremony?

These details are being released directly to Patrol Leaders. You should receive this information by the end of May 2016. Your Opening will be easy to locate and not far from major transport hubs. Their will be members of the Road Teams at Airports and Railway Stations in order to give you directions!

What do I/ my Patrol need to do about travel?

Both Participants and IST are required to organise their own travel to their entry points in France and their return from the Closing Ceremony in Paris.

Where is my entry point into France?

For the UK Patrols, the Roads and entry points are:

PATROL  Route Road Name Region Entry City
Patrol 1 CSOE10 – L’île sauvage Wild Island South West Bordeax
Patrol 2 CdME10 – Découvrir et rénover une forteresse Discovering and Rebuilding Fortress Massifs Lyon
Patrol 3 CSOE05 – Découverte d’un Vignoble Bio Learning about Organic Vineyards South West Bordeaux
Patrol 4  CdME05 – Randonnée et Construction Hiking and Footpath Maintance Massifs Lyon
Patrol 5 CEE05 – Grand jeu nature au sommet Outdoor Game from the Top East Strasbourg
Patrol 6 CME03 – Lettres de mon moulin Letters from my mill Mediterranean Montpellier
Patrol 7 CSOC14 – Medieval History Maintaining and rebuilding Castles South West Bordeaux
Patrol 8 COC04 – Jeux traditionnels en pays de légendes Traditional Games in a land of legend West Rennes
Patrol 9 CNC02 – Retour vers la passé A journey back in time North Amiens
Patrol 10 CdMS02 – Maison d’Enfants et Emmau Childrens Home and Emmaus Massifs Lyon
Patrol 11 CNC10 – ça tourne! Lights Camera Action North Amiens
Patrol 12  COC02 – Expérience Vikings Viking Experience West Rennes
Patrol 13 CdME10 – Découvrir et rénover une forteresse Discovering and Rebuilding Fortress Massifs Lyon
Patrol 14 CdMC13 – Soutien à un festival de musique Music Festival Support Massifs Lyon
Patrol 15 CSOE06 – Route marine Sea Route South West Bordeaux
Patrol 16  COC05 – Construction traditionnelle en milieu forestier Traditional building in forest areas West Rennes
Patrol 17 CEC02 – Route de Riceys Riceys Road East Strasbourg
Patrol 18 CSOS04 – Découvrir la Culture Sourde Learning about Deaf Culture South West Bordeax
Patrol 19  CME01 – La montagne ça vous gagne The Mountain Road Mediterranean Montpellier
Patrol 20  CSOE06 Route marine Sea Route South West Bordeaux
Patrol 21  CSOP12 – Rue de la Paix Road of Peace South West Bordeaux
Patrol 22 CME03 – Lettres de mon moulin Letters from my mill Mediterranean Montpellier

If you are a member of the IST, your entry point is Paris, where onward travel will be provided for you to Jambville. Alternatively, you are able to drive to Jambville.

FAQ - Programme

updated 30/03/16

What’s the programme for Roverway?

3rd August Opening Ceremonies at each designated entry city

4th August Patrols on Roads/ IST Programme on central camp

5th August Patrols on Roads/ IST Programme on central camp

6th August Patrols on Roads/ IST Programme on central camp

7th August Patrols on Roads/ IST Programme on central camp

8th August Patrols on Roads/ IST Programme on central camp

9th August Patrols on Roads/ IST Programme on central camp

10th August Central Camp French themed Opening Ceremony

11th August Central Camp Programme

12th August Central Camp Programme

13th August Cultural Celebration – The Festival of Culture!

14th August Closing Ceremony, Paris. Departures.

15th August Additional IST Closing, Jambville

Do we need to plan anything for the Festival of Culture?

Yes!  This is our opportunity to showcase how fantastic the UK is!  Whether your patrol chooses to do some Highland dancing, play a game of cricket or have afternoon tea, this is our time to show our friends at Roverway what the UK is really like.  This is also an opportunity for us to learn about other people’s cultures and ways of life by visiting other patrols across the camp and learning about their way of life.


updated 28/05/2016

Who are the UK IST Liaison? What is their role?

Welcome to Charlotte Callaghan, Ruth Weltch, Lee Francis, Roxy Thompson, Nicola Talbot, Margaret Medler, Jessica Beck, Keith Morrison and Ollie Hyde in the role of UK IST Liaison

They will be a great help to the UK IST in France as they fulfill this role:

  • Participate in daily meetings with Chris (CMT for IST) or another member of the CMT to allow feedback of information to other members of the IST.
  • Feedback any IST concerns/ issues to the CMT which will, in turn, allow them to deal with it effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Be a point of contact for UK IST members.

How will IST roles be allocated?

You will be made aware of the role you have been allocated and the team you will be working within, by the organisers later in the coming weeks.  We’ve asked the organisers to make you all aware in advance of Roverway but we can’t guarantee this unfortunately.

What will IST do whilst the Participants are on their Roads?

The IST will have a unique programme from the 3rd to 9th August. Whilst some of the time will be spent carrying out tasks to help prepare for the arrival of the participants, there will also be training sessions, workshops, activities and day trips during this time. From 10-14/15 August you will be working in your IST role.

Will IST attend an Opening/ Closing Ceremony?

Yes – IST will attend the opening ceremony in Paris, before heading to Jambville.

If you are leaving on the 14th August you will attend the Closing Ceremony in Paris.

If you are leaving on the 15th August you will attend an IST special Closing Ceremony at the Roverway site.

Do I have to stay until the 15th August?

That’s up to you! If you are able to stay until the 15th August to help strike the campsite, then you are more than welcome to. When you complete the form to help select your roles on site, you will be asked if you are able to stay and help. If you stay to the 15th you will be excepted to stay until late afternoon, when there will be transport provided to local airports. The CMT will remain on site until the 15th.

We recognise that many IST will have other commitments and may wish to travel back to the UK on the 14th August, and we will support you if you choose to go home on this date.

I have questions about IST travel, where can I find out more?

There was a travel webinar on the 7th March – this has been recorded and is available from ukcontingent.co.uk/resources

FAQ- Patrols

updated 28/05/2016

Do we need to take a dining shelter to Roverway?

The Organisers may be advising you that you need a dining shelter to take to France. You don’t need an actual dining shelter, but some form of tarpaulin may be handy for a rain shelter at meal times. However, we advise that you speak to your Road Directors to see if they are really needed or not.

Who is my Road Director? Should I have heard from them?

A Road Director is a member of the Organisers that will be running your Road aspect of Roverway. They will be contacting you and your Patrol, as well as the rest of your Tribe to help plan your Road experience. We are aware some Patrols are yet to hear from their Director – the Organisers are aware and they will be in touch with you ASAP!

Is travel from our Road to Jambville included in my fee?

Yes- your travel from your Road to the central camp and back to the exit point is included in your fee.  Please note you will need to book your own travel to the Road entry point and back from Paris.

Do we need to take pots and pans to Roverway?

No – these will be supplied by the organisers but you will need to take plates, cutlery, cups etc. However, you will need to bring something to pot to put on a fire with for Briefing 2 in April, as well as a shopping board and two cooking knives per Patrol.

 FAQ - Money

updated 28/05/2016

Are my payments refundable?

Unfortunately not.  We collect the fees at a time in which we need to pay our suppliers or the organisers.  Should you choose to leave the Contingent we would be unable to refund any monies.

Do I need to take money with me to France?

We would recommend that you take some spending money to France.  Whilst most costs will be covered during your time at Roverway, transport from entry to exit point, food, programme and camping you may wish to have some spending money for purchasing treats and possibly gifts for family or friends.  Remember France’s currency is Euros.  More information about spending money is in Bulletin 4.

Does my Patrol need a contingency fund?

Yes. We recommend that this is a minimum of £20.00 per person. The exact amount needs to be agreed between your Patrol. If you don’t need to spend this money in an emergency, you can split it between you at the end of Roverway.

FAQ - Data

updated 28/06/2016

What’s the difference between Eventsforce and the Intranet?

Both should now have all (100%) of your personal data added. If not, you must complete by 30 May 2016.

Eventsforce (UK): You should have completed most of this, apart from your home contact and perhaps your travel details. To access Eventsforce you need to find the link you have been sent in your emails. Every time you update Eventsforce you are sent a link outlining the update so this should be easy to find.

Intranet (France): Under French law, we are not permitted to share your data on Eventsforce with the Organisers, therefore you need to complete your personal details on the Intranet.

Where do I store my information / data?

We are using Eventsforce to collect Contingent member’s data.  Please ensure that your record is always up to date and accurate.  We need this information to provide to the organisers, the insurers and to support you on event. Always make sure that you click ‘complete registration’ when inputting data so that it saves to your account.

What happens if my information changes?

Please update Eventsforce as soon as possible.  It’s imperative that it’s always kept up to date.

Is my data safe?

The Scout Association and Girlguiding both adhere to the Data Protection Act.  We do not and will not share your information with anyone other than the organisers and the insurance company.  Eventsforce is password protected to ensure your safety.

 FAQ - Insurance

updated 28/05/2016

When will we find out about the Contingent insurance cover?

The policy will be shared with all Contingent members in April 2016.

What happens if my dates of travel fall outside of the Contingents? 

The UK Contingent will provide cover for travel and medical cover one day either side of the event.  This is so people travelling from some of the smaller UK islands have time to travel to and from France and for those who may want to arrive a little earlier or stay a little later.  Should you wish to extend the dates of cover you can contact Unity for additional cover.  We will share these details with you in April 2016.

Will I need to make my own insurance claim if I’m injured on event?

Where possible, we are asking Contingent members to manage their own insurance claims.  If this is not possible, the Contingent will support. The claims process will be shared with you soon.

 FAQ - health

 updated 30/03/16

Can I take prescription medicine to France?

Yes, make sure appropriate medication is taken for any existing medical conditions. All prescription drugs must be kept in their original boxes for your journey to France.  Most prescription drugs issued in the UK are accepted in France but if you are unsure please check with your GP.

Do I need any vaccinations for France?

There are no specific vaccine requirements for travelling to France but please check all routine UK immunisations are up to date.

I’m an aided walker / wheelchair user, will this be OK?

Of course, please let us know via the medical section of Eventsforce and we will notify the organisers who will make sure there is sufficient support in place for your during Roverway.

My medical details have changed, what do I do?

Please email Roverway@scouts.org.uk with your updated details ASAP so we can inform the organisers and the insurers.

Do I need a EHIC card for Roverway?

Yes, you do.  It is important to ensure you have a valid EHIC for the duration of Roverway. Make sure you check to see if you have one, if you don’t it’s not a problem you can apply for a new or replacement one free of charge here – https://www.ehic.org.uk/ Internet/startApplication.do.  Please note if you are under the age of 16, your parent or guardian will need to register as the main applicant.

 FAQ - kit

updated 28/05/2016

When will I receive my kit?

Everyone should now have received their kit – either collected at Briefing 2 or posted to your home address.

There was a problem with my kit. How will this be resolved?

Thanks to everyone who has notified us of the issues with kit. We are working with Scout Shops to resolve the issues. Please be patient as this takes time, but be assured that all your correct kit will be with you in time for Roverway.

When will I receive my UK Contingent uniform badge?

Scout Shops are producing these, and will be posted to your home address in the coming weeks.