Meet The CMT

The UK Contingent (UKC) is joint between The Scout Association and Girlguiding. Here is the Contingent Management Team (CMT) leading the way to France:



HANNAH – Head of Contingent

Hannah is the lead volunteer on the project and manages the reporting to the various committees and boards.  Hannah also supports the Girlguiding patrols.





JAMESDeputy Head of Contingent

James responsible for supporting the Scouting patrols in addition to supporting Sean with the communications.





CHRIS – IST Support and Kit

Chris’s role is split into two.  He is responsible for making sure the IST are fully supported and he is also the CMT member in charge of making sure you all get kit!





CHARITY – Logistics

Charity is responsible for all things logistics and, as part of this, she arranges the briefing weekend and the Contingent HQ on event. Charity is also working on the contingency plans for Roverway alongside the staff members.





SEAN – Communications 

Sean manages all of the communications for the event including the bulletins, website and social media.





EMMA – The Scout Association Staff Member

Emma is responsible for managing the finance, risk, data and insurance for the event.





CLAIRE – Girlguiding Staff Member

Claire is responsible for arranging the briefing events with Charity, the kit with Chris and the communications with the organisers.