About Us

The UK Contingent will be one of the largest at Roverway 2016, with 230 Scouts and Guides from all across the UK and further afield! There are 22 Patrols made up of 6 – 9 people representing the UK.

A key part of the contingent are our adult volunteers who make Roverway happen, the International Service Team (IST). The 55 UK IST members will take on a variety of roles in France, from running activities to delivering food for the participants. The IST are the unsung heroes of this event, they make sure that Roverway is a fantastic experience for the participants taking part from across Europe.

Bringing the Contingent together are team of volunteers on Contingent Management Team (CMT) who support the patrols and IST in addition to a variety of other tasks, from ensuring the contingent are receiving the right information and assistance, to organising the insurance cover, creating the contingent kit and arranging on event support.

There’s lot to organise but we have a great Contingent Management Team in place who are here to support you on your Roverway journey.