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Icelandic Presentation

By now you should have made contact with your patrol (approx 10 people) and tribe (approx 40 people). Your patrol and tribe will experience activities, camp and live together for the whole of The Moot. For the first four days of The Moot you will be at your expedition centres (11 expedition centres arouond Iceland). During the final 5 days of The Moot, all participants will come together for one large camp (Althingi) to share their experiences.

The Bull Village: Environment – exploring how nature impacts us and how we impact nature

The Eagle Village: History – exploring how our histories have shaped us and what we can do to impact our future– as individuals, as local communities and as a scouting movement

The Giant Village:  Life – exploring how our lifestyle is the foundation of our lives

Dragon Village: Arts and Innovation – exploring how creativity can unleash a different performance and thus impact our lives and our community

International Day: A chance to come together for a day of food, activities, dance and sharing of cultures.

Youth Forum: An opportunity to debate topics such as unemployment, education, health, water, energy, environmental sustainability and equality

More information about The Moot can be found on the official Iceland webpage