Regional and Interest Groups

Its your Moot and we’d like to get everyone involved! There are loads of groups for regions and interests/hobbies. Make sure that you have joined your relevant groups on Facebook! As we get closer to the event, the plans of these groups will evolve and develop.
There are 9 regional groups, each with their own input for the international day. Please make sure you have joined your regional group as you may need to bring something with you to Iceland.

  • South East –
  • South West – Scones, Brownsea Island
  • London – London Underground/Monopoly
  • East Midlands –
  • West Midlands – Shakespeare
  • North West –
  • North East –
  • Scotland –
  • Wales & NI – Potatoes, Leeks, Castles

There are some interest groups for you to get involved with:

  • Comms and media group – social media and camera enthusiasts, media correspondents
  • Cooking and Baking group (a.k.a The Soggy Bottoms) – producing a Moot Digital Recipe Book
  • Moot Sport group – Rugby & Cricket teams and more!
  • Strava group – supporting each other with running, cycling and swimming
  • Iceland in a Box Group – a group to discuss and develop programme ideas that could be included or supplementary to Iceland in a Box
  • Solo mooters – people who may not know anyone and would like to make new friends
  • Languages group
  • Science group – climate change, clean energy
  • Arts & Creative group
  • Dance/Drama group – a mash-up of the different traditional dances of each country in the UK
  • Music group – instruments, singing, dancing
  • Nature and environment group
  • Technology group
  • Creative Writers group
  • Kayaking group
  • Sense of place (geography) group