Moot 2017

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The Moot Checklist

  • ❏ Double check medical, dietary and emergency contact information on Eventsforce and the Iceland database. (Note that if we are unaware of your needs we cannot guarantee provision of the appropriate food/facilities)
  • ❏ Upload my passport to Eventsforce (Now overdue)
  • ❏ Pack my EHIC Card or apply for a new one
  • ❏ Contact my doctor for a spare prescription (if applicable). (If you are worried about taking spare medication to the moot, we suggest bringing a spare prescription that can be fulfilled if required)
  • ❏ Get my kit ready
  • ❏ Buy things for the International Day
  • ❏ Complete my Safe From Harm training (Compulsory for IST)
  • ❏ Make contact with my Patrol and Tribe
  • ❏ Follow UK Contingent on Twitter (@UKContingent) and Instagram (Ukcontingents)
  • ❏ Research things to do in Reykjavik
  • ❏ Register your independent travels with the Iceland Emergency Services (
  • ❏ Read all of the UK and Iceland Bulletins
  • ❏ Submit my Change pledge to Eventsforce
  • Meet the UK CMT
  • ❏ Are you Moot Ready?! Take the Quiz!
    Any questions? Visit the Moot FAQs or email