Youth Commissioners

In just over 2 years, 45,000 Scouts will gather in West Virginia, USA for the 24th World Scout Jamboree, with the UK Contingent being the biggest ever group of Scouts from the UK to attend an International Scouting event overseas. Our vision is for young people to shape this experience, working in partnership with adults, so that it can be the best possible experience for all those who attend.


We want to work with youth members and Youth Commissioners from across the UK to help us to achieve this goal, and to offer you the opportunity to be part of a team of Youth Commissioners that will assist the UK Contingent Team in generating ideas from young people in Scouting. From, how we can represent UK Scouting at the Jamboree to what sorts of activities that Explorer Scouts would enjoy doing in North America, there are lots of views we want to hear about.


Members of the group will engage with young people locally to help them generate and express their ideas on a particular topic – meeting them face-to-face or using digital platforms to talk to them, providing feedback to us via an online form.


If you are interested in helping young people to shape the Jamboree then please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon. And don’t forget to remain on the lookout for the opportunities to apply locally for Unit Leadership and International Service Team to join us in North America in 2019!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What support will you provide us to consult with young people locally?

We will provide you with briefing information prior to asking you to engage with young people, so you have all the information you need. We want you to have the flexibility to run the consultations how you would like, however – great ideas for running forums with Explorers can be found in this YouShape resource.

Can DYCs in my Area / County / Region sign up as well as me?

Yes! Although you might need to consider how you can make sure you consult with different young people.

Can all Youth Commissioners and Deputy Youth Commissioners sign up to take part?

All those holding a Youth Commissioner appointment who are over the age of 18, can take part.

How long will you consult with us for?

We might ask for your help in consulting with young people until 2019.  

Why do you need Youth Commissioners to consult with young people as well as having the Consultation Group?

The Consultation Group is designed to provide quick feedback on specific questions or to choose from a range of options. We would like Youth Commissioners to help us generate ideas with other young people in the areas which they support.

What other ways will you consult with young people?

The UK Contingent has created an “World Scout Jamboree youth consultation group”, to allow us to consult with young people. Information about joining this group, which is open to all members of Scouting aged 12-24, will be posted on social media soon. Youth Commissioners can join this group as well! Click here to find out more.

How often will we be asked to collate information?

The UK Contingent has a target to consult with young people on twenty decisions, including liaising with Youth Commissioners on at least four decisions. If there are more opportunities to consult with either young people or Youth Commissioners we will endeavour to.