Talking Points

The UK Contingent Team wants to engage in active consultation with young people throughout the build up to the Jamboree and to obtain ideas and feedback on our planning.

Talking Points is our way of suggesting topics for you to obtain youth engagement on for your Unit and to also provide feedback to the UK Contingent.

Talking Points 3 – October 2018

This set of talking points is ongoing, with a deadline of Sunday 7th July 2019!

In this issue of Talking Points, we are setting Units a challenge for young people in the Unit to plan, prepare and deliver their own training weekend with their Unit. We hope to encourage young people to take ownership of their Jamboree preparations, as well as help them to develop skills that will be useful for the Jamboree, and beyond.

To complete this challenge, young people should shape their Unit training camp in the following ways:

  • Plan a full programme of activities for the Unit. Young people should run at least half of these activities – one of which should be educational/skills based.
  • With support from the Unit Leadership Team: select and book accommodation for the camp (if this has not already been done).
  • Help leaders to produce a list of equipment the Unit will need for their event.
  • Leaders should support the young people to understand budgeting for a camp.
  • Plan a menu and undertake the cooking.
  • Manage the timings of the event.
  • Patrol Leaders should encourage as many members of the Unit as possible to play a role in delivering the camp.
  • Use the Unit’s social media platforms to celebrate their efforts in planning and delivering a Scout Camp! #YouShape #UK24WSJ


If Units fulfil these criteria, the young people will be awarded with the Youth Shaped Challenge Award.

We will share more information about how Units can validate the award at Unit Leader Weekend 2.

Talking Points 2 – July 2018

Thank you for providing us feedback on Talking Points 2. We will publish the feedback shortly.

Talking Points 1 – November 2017

Thank you for collecting feedback on your Unit on Talking Points – November 2017, the feedback from the consultation will be issued shortly.