Impact Team

The UK Contingent is looking for you young people from Units across the UK and in Branches/BSO to join the UK Contingent Impact Team.

Applications for the UK Contingent Impact Team have now closed. We will be announcing appointments soon.

What does the team do?

The Contingent Team will be gathering huge amounts of ideas from young people over the next 18 months.

We need young people to join the Impact Team to help narrow down the ideas and opinions to ensure that the UK Contingent is the most youth shaped ever!

What’s involved?

Being on the Team will involve:

  • Reviewing the ideas generated by young people and making choices about which ideas would give young people attending the Jamboree the best possible experience;
  • Participating in conference calls and online meetings to keep up-to-date on progress;
  • Offering advice and guidance to the UK Contingent Team members on planning for the Jamboree to reflect the opinions of young people;
  • Reading updates from the UK Contingent Team, so you are fully informed to assist your role;
  • Providing opinions and ideas as a representative of all young people in the UK Contingent;
  • Potentially attending face-to-face meetings; and
  • Being an advocate and ambassador for the UK Contingent and Jamboree, during the run up to the event and at the Jamboree.

Why join the Team?

The Contingent Team believe this will be a rewarding experience for successful applicants.

It is an opportunity to work with the planning team for one of Scouting’s biggest projects.

It will be a chance to build confidence and gain new skills. The experience and knowledge gained will provide useful skills not only for your Scouting or Guiding, but for future employment.

Who can join the Team?

We are looking from one young person from each of the Scouting Regions/Countries and from BSO/Branches. We are also looking for one Team member to represent Girlguiding.

The Scouting Regions/Countries are:

  • England – East Midlands
  • England – East of England
  • England – Greater London
  • England – North West
  • England – North East
  • England – South East
  • England – South West
  • England – West Midlands
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • British Scouting Overseas/Branches

If you are unsure of which area you are in, your Leaders will be able to answer this.

What else do I need to be?

If you are interested in applying for the role, you should:

  • Be an Explorer Scout or a Senior Section Member;
  • Be a UK Contingent participant to the 24th World Scout Jamboree;
  • Be an active Member of The Scout Association/Girlguiding e.g. involved with Division/District Activities;
  • Be passionate about the opportunities that Scouting and Guiding and Youth Shaped Scouting can offer young people;
  • Be able to dedicate time to the role and to work to some deadlines;
  • Be able to  make decisions based on the best interests of all young people, rather than focusing on personal preferences;
  • Be willing to champion the efforts and successes of the Contingent Team; and
  • Be willing to be an ambassador for the UK Contingent and the Jamboree.

How to apply

Applications for the impact team have now closed.

More information

If you want more information, then please contact us for an informal discussion.