Youth Engagement

The UK Contingent to the 24th World Scout Jamboree want to deliver a unique international adventure shaped by young people, where Contingent members will develop personally and have a positive longer term impact on Scouting and beyond.

The UK Contingent Team want to engage in active consultation with young people throughout the build up to the Jamboree in 2019, not just those who are going to attend the event, but young people from across the movement.

Youth Forum Training

Training for young people on running effective youth forums

Impact Team

The Impact Team are a group of young people who support the UK Contingent

Talking Points

Talking Points are topics for Units to consult with young people on

Youth Commissioners

Youth Commissioners work with the Contingent to consult with the wider movement

Consultation Group

We are seeking young people who we can consult with across a group of international topics

Youth Shaped Challenge Award

This award gives young people the chance to plan and deliver their own Unit event, helping them gain new skills and shape their Jamboree adventure