What’s Next?

Congratulations on being selected as part of the IST to the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

As a member of the IST, you have a vital role in supporting the young people and ensuring you are prepared to deliver an amazing Jamboree.

Emails to successful applicants have now been sent out. To continue on your Jamboree journey there are two stages you must complete:

Register with the UK Contingent

To confirm your IST please you must register on the UK Contingent’s EventsAir system and pay your £300 deposit by 5pm on 11th May 2018.

As part of your registration on EventsAir you will also be asked to:

Now is your chance to start thinking about your IST Option, which includes participating in the UK Contingent Post Event, and take a look at which Travel Places’ optional Additional Tours.

During your registration, we will be capturing your initial preferences.

You will have your chance to confirm your IST Option and whether you want to take place in Additional Tours by 30th June 2018.

Register with the Jamboree Organisers

Once you have completed your EventsAir registration you will receive an email containing a link to allow you to register with the Jamboree Organisers.

It is crucial that you use the same details on the Organiser’s registration system as EventsAir, especially your name. You must use your name as it appears on your passport for both registration systems.

As part of your registration you will need to select your IST Jamboree role preference from the list of roles.

Even if you have applied for a UK Contingent role, you must apply for a Jamboree IST role. If you are successful in your application for a UK Contingent Role this will take preference over your Jamboree IST role.

You will require an electronic passport-style photograph to upload as part of your registration.

And Finally…

You can use the unique reference in your registration email to join the UK Contingent IST Facebook page, so you can meet the other members of the UK Contingent IST, share ideas and get to know each other before the Jamboree.