What’s Next?

This page provides you with an up-to-date list of everything you need to be thinking about to prepare for the Jamboree. Over the summer we have been busy collecting information from you on kit sizes and liaising with those who have still not registered with the organisers.

The next time we meet will be the All Adult weekend at Gilwell Park on 18th/ 19th May 2019. Please put the date in your diary now. In the meantime we will keep in touch when new information is available or we need you to take action.


Travel Documentation

You have now been requested to provide the UK Contingent with a copy of your passport and ESTA/Visa (as required) for travel to the USA. The UK Contingent has updated its Travel Advice which can be found here. The deadline for providing this information is the 22nd January 2019.


Post Event

We have now sent you a link to join your Post Event Facebook group based on your chosen theme. Your next task is to network with others in the group, share ideas and make your plan a reality by booking what you need.

We will be providing more information in future ISTea Times and you will have the chance to meet your group at the All Adult Weekend.


EventsAir Updates

You can log into EventsAir to make updates to your personal details at any time, so we always have the latest contact information and you don’t miss out on communications.



As per the payment schedule, you must make your third payment by 31st March 2019 via EventsAir. The amount is subject to your chosen travel option. You can also pay further instalments in advance via the portal.



You will require a valid disclosure at the time of travel. If your disclosure check is due to expire before your return date it will need to be renewed before travel. Disclosures can be renewed 6 months ahead of their expiry date. You will need to apply for a disclosure even if you have previously not been required to apply for one, for example if you are a Network member. If you are currently under 18 your role will not be added to Compass until you reach 17½, at which point you should also start your disclosure check process. Where possible please do this through your local District or County/ Region/Area Appointments Secretary; if you have any difficulties please contact IST Support.

If you do not have a valid disclosure check recorded in Compass at the date of travel, you will not be allowed to travel or to take part in any Jamboree related activities. Your Jamboree fee will not be refunded.



If you are older than 17½, you may have noticed that your IST role is now uploaded onto Compass. If you’re under 17½, it will be uploaded once you reach that age. As part of your appointment you are required to validate Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Adult Leader Training Scheme. Please contact your local Training Advisor or Group support for help in completing these modules. If you have already completed them, your Training Advisor will just have to confirm they are up to date.


Personal Development

We hope by now you’ve checked out the IST Personal Development Zone and started developing your goals. When logging on the for the first time you will need to create a new account. Why not share your goals and achievements using the #uk24wsjpd hashtag?


Register with the Jamboree organisers

You must register with the Jamboree organisers, and we encourage you to do so as soon as possible so that you have the best chance of getting one of your preferred roles. Follow the link provided in the EventsAir registration confirmation email.

It is crucial that you use the same details on the organiser’s registration system as EventsAir, especially your name. You must use your name as it appears on your passport for both registration systems.

As part of your registration you will need to select your IST Jamboree role preference from the list of roles.

Even if you have applied for a UK Contingent role, you must apply for a Jamboree IST role.

You will require an electronic passport-style photograph to upload as part of your registration.


And finally…

You can use the unique reference in your registration email to join the UK Contingent IST Facebook page, so you can meet the other members of the UK Contingent IST, share ideas and get to know each other before the Jamboree.