UK Contingent Kit

Scarves and Badges

Scarf Scout

2 No. UK Contingent Scout Scarfs (Members of The Scouts)

Scout Guide

2 No. UK Contingent Guide Scarves (Members of Girglguiding)


2 No. UK Contingent Badges

Membership Badge

2 No. World Membership Badges  Scouts) or Badge Tab (Girlguiding)

UK Badge

2 No. Union Flag Badges


Leader Shirt

Scout Leader Shirt

Guide Leader

Guide Leader Blouse


UK Contingent Shorts

Other Kit

Adult T-Shirt




Water Bottle

Water Bottle



UK Contingent Daysac and Holdall

Optional Kit

Scout Stores Ltd. have a range of optional UK Contingent Kit for all your Jamboree needs!

Contingent Badge
Fun Scarf

FAQs about Kit:

Do I have to use UK Issue kit at the Jamboree?

Not all participants to the World Scout Jamboree have the same equipment that would be suitable for use at the Jamboree. To ensure that kit is not a barrier to attendance at the Jamboree, the UK Contingent provides kit. The kit that is provided has varied from Jamboree to Jamboree, but consistently a large bag and a day sack have been provided.

In addition, the UK Contingent provides a Uniform, as this is mandatory for travel and for attendance a ceremonies at the Jamboree.

The hat and water bottle are provided to ensure that you look after yourself at the Jamboree. The Contingent recognises that there are other solutions that individuals might have that they prefer, the use of which is supported.

The UK Contingent Kit, is provided to unify members of the Contingent and to make you identifiable at the Jamboree and in advance, but the use of the kit, or otherwise is entirely optional (with the exception of uniform).

I haven't received my UK Contingent Kit, what should I do?
I haven't received my optional kit, what should I do?