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Not been to a Jamboree before? Are you an infrequent traveller? Or, do just want to know more about the Jamboree?

We have some exciting news for you!

We will be hosting a series of sessions on different topics ahead of the Jamboree with information and Q&As. These will be delivered as webinars by members of the UK Contingent Support Team and you will be able to join in the sessions online.

You can join as many as you like, but if you’ve not been to a Jamboree as IST before we encourage you to join as many as you can, or to catch up on them later.

The dates, times and topics for the telecons is in the table below:

To register for each Telecon please click here. Please note you must sign up individually for each session using the link above. Once registered for a session you will be sent a confirmation email. You will be sent a reminder in advance of each session.

Please use this form below to submit a question to be answered in the IST Top Tips Telecons sessions. 

Please select a ‘topic’ which the question relates to in the drop down menu, so we know which webinar you hope the answer to be covered in. If your question doesn’t relate to any of the themes then please select “other”. 

You can provide your name, which would allow us to follow up on your question. 

You can fill out and submit this form as many times as you want! 

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