IST – Selection Events

We encourage you to express your personality and skills in all the tasks in which you participate.

We have a large number of candidates to see, so we ask that you are patient on the day with the volunteer organising team.

During the selection event you will participate in three tasks over a three hour period.

Every selection event will follow the same format of interviews, service and demonstration of a skill or activity and the scores will be moderated to ensure fairness. 

Due to the high volume of applicants, we will not be able to provide feedback following the selection event. 


Demonstration of Skill / Activity

As part of the selection day you will be asked to demonstrate an activity or skill for no more than 5 minutes to 2 young people of Explorer age. This should demonstrate your accuracy (timekeeping), your creativity (interesting and engaging), clarity (communication skills) and ensuring it’s age appropriate for young people.

You will be required to bring everything you need to run this activity and be self sufficient on the day. 

We hope to be able to use some of the activities as part of our Jamboree in a Box activity.


What to Bring

When attending the selection event, you should wear appropriate clothing. The service project is likely to be outside and you should bring clothing suitable for potentially changeable weather.

You will not require your uniform, but please wear your necker.

Drinks will be provided, but you are welcome to bring drink and snacks for your time during the event.


Under 18s

If you are under 18 at the time of the selection event, please bring your parental consent form, which will be issued with the final joining instructions.