IST Roles

IST Roles

You and every member of the UK Contingent IST will have an important role to play on the Jamboree, ensuring every aspect of the Jamboree is a success and that the young people have a fantastic time.

If you haven’t already done so, please take immediate action to register with the Jamboree organisers. As part of your registration with the Jamboree organisers you will need to select your IST Jamboree role preference from the list of roles. The link to registration can be found in your confirmation email.

We are aware that IST members who have completed the registration are now being contacted with an offer of an IST role. Please assist the organisers by responding to these offers as soon as possible. Whether or not you accept the role offered is up to you – but when making a decision to decline you should factor in the risk that the next offer may be less attractive than your original one. As IST you should be willing to undertake any role.

If you are offered a Jamboree role before being offered a UK Role please do not hold off accepting it with the expectation of being offered a UK role.

For more information on roles check out the ‘Which Hat Fits’ presentation under  ‘What have I missed?’.

UK Contingent roles

During June we asked you to let us know if you were interested in one of the following UK Contingent roles:

  • UK Pavilion
  • UK Food House
  • Uk Contingent IST Support
  • UK Contingent Communications Team

Even if you have applied for a UK Contingent role, you must apply for a Jamboree IST role. Now the deadline has passed, we are reviewing these expressions of interest. Once our requirements are confirmed over summer 2018, we will be in contact with offers of roles to successful applicants. At this point you will be required to confirm whether you want to keep your Jamboree role or accept a UK role.

High ropes and climbing

IST who told us they were interest in supporting the Jamboree organisers by providing skills in High Ropes and Climbing have now been informed as to the outcome of their interest.

The UK Contingent will be providing training and conversion courses for 50 IST to help deliver the Jamboree adventurous activities, which will leave a legacy of additional Scouts and Guides with the skills required to deliver these actives to young people after the Jamboree.

The training allows those IST to undertaken the following roles:

  • Canopy Tour – Tour Guide
  • Challenge Course – Facilitator
  • Zip Line – Operator.

Those who are offered roles within the Canopy Tour, Challenge Course or Zip Line teams but have not been offered this training you are still eligible to take up a role as support staff. Support staff roles include the following:

  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Equipment maintenance and inventory
  • Participant Orientation
  • Participant management
  • Helmet and harness fitting
  • Trail guides and monitors
  • Other support roles as the needs arise.


Those interested and offered climbing roles, these do not require UK training and training will be undertaken on site.

Changing your role

If you have already submitted your registration with the Jamboree organisers but now wish to change your role, please email them your amended preferences. Please note once you have accepted a Jamboree role you cannot change this unless you accept a UK role offer.