IST Roles

You and every member of the UK Contingent IST will have an important role to play on the Jamboree; ensuring every aspect of the Jamboree is a success and that the young people have a fantastic time.

You will have the opportunity to express a preference of which role you want to undertake.

As well as Jamboree roles, the UK Contingent have some roles to be filled which you can also apply for during your registration. More information about these roles can be found below.

Even if you have applied for a UK Contingent role, you must apply for a Jamboree IST role. If you are successful in your application for a UK Contingent Role this will take preference over your Jamboree IST role.

We encourage you to apply for a Jamboree IST role as quickly as possible, to increase your chance of getting your preference.

UK Contingent Roles

Please check out these exciting roles offered by the UK Contingent which you can express an interest in during your registration.

Although the organisers hope to let IST know what role they will be undertaking in advance, a UK Contingent Role is a guaranteed way of ensuring you know the role you will be doing.

We will consider all applicants for UK Contingent Roles. Once we have confirmation of our requirements we will assess applications and make offers to IST who have expressed an interest.

A UK Contingent Role will supersede your Jamboree IST role, however you can to decide to decline your UK Contingent Role.

UK Pavilion

International Pavilions are an opportunity for a country to showcase their culture to other nations. The UK Contingent is currently developing its plans for its Pavilion and you could join the team to shape its direction and help run the pavilion at the Jamboree.

This is an opportunity to work with other UK Contingent IST whilst meeting young people and adults from nearly other country in the world.

In advance of the Jamboree there may be a need for additional team weekends and travel in advance of other IST to the Jamboree.

UK Food House

Food Houses are a chance for countries to offer a taste of their nation with a mix of food and entertainment throughout the day.

In 2019, Food Houses these are planned to be a main feature of the evening entertainment.

If you are interested in working in a UK Contingent team to deliver our Food House with British entertainment and cuisine, this is the role for you!

In advance of the Jamboree there may be a need for additional team weekends and travel in advance of other IST to the Jamboree.

UK Contingent IST Support 

The UK Contingent require a number of people to act as a ‘UK Listening Ear’ to support fellow UK Contingent IST.

UK Contingent Communications Team

Can you help us to share the adventures of the Jamboree? The UK Contingent Communications team is looking for people with specific media skills to help the UK Contingent share the stories of the Jamboree with internal and external audiences.

In advance of the Jamboree there may be a need for additional team weekends and travel in advance of other IST to the Jamboree.

Jamboree IST Role

As part of your registration with the Jamboree Organisers  you will need to select your IST Jamboree role preference from the list of roles.

While the Organisers hope to allocate you your preference, at this stage they are unable to guarantee you will get your chosen role.

High Ropes and Climbing

The Organiser’s are particularly keen to receive applications from people who are keen to use their skills in High Ropes and Climbing at the Jamboree.

If this is an activity you are interested in, please select it as a preference as a Jamboree Role.

Even if you do not have the required qualifications, but are interested to learn, please sign up for this role.

If you are selected by the Jamboree Organisers for this role, the UK Contingent will work with IST to help them acquire the relevant skills and permits (where applicable).

A number of additional training weekends are being arranged over the next 12 months to train those selected.