IST – Options

A number of options are being made available to adults joining IST, these are as follows:

Option A – Jamboree and IST Post Event, including all flights and North American internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option B  – Jamboree, including all flights and internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option C  – Jamboree only.

Option D  – Jamboree and IST Post Event.



The fees for the options described above are as follows:

Option A£2,995
Option B£2,750
Option C£1,500
Option D£1,800


Tell me more about each option…

For All Options: Kit, meals on site and use of a tent is included. The IST fee will also include attendance at a UK based training event in 2018 and to a UK Contingent event in May 2019.

For Options A and B: The exact dates are to be confirmed  but the arrival date at the Summit Bechtel Reserve for IST is likely to be one or two days before the start date (22nd July 2019) of the Jamboree (depending on allocated role) with departure on 3rd August 2019.

For Options C and D: Jamboree Organisers will arrange transport from Charlotte Douglas airport (CLT) North Carolina, Yeager airport Charleston (CRW) West Virginia or Prince Amtrak railway station, Beckley, West Virginia to the Jamboree site.


IST Payment Schedule

The proposed schedule of payments for IST is outlined in the table below.

IST - Option A£300£700£700£700£595£2,995
IST - Option B£300£700£600£600£550£2,750
IST - Option C£300£300£300£300£300£1,500
IST - Option D£300£375£375£375£375£1,800

IST Members will be responsible for direct payment of their fees to the UK Contingent. These will be collected electronically by the UK Contingent Registration Website.



Fundraising to reduce the cost for IST is highly encouraged. There will also be some grant support available to assist attendees in circumstances of specific personal or financial hardship to attend the Jamboree.