IST Options and Post Event

IST Options

There are four Options available for IST to select from to be part of the UK Contingent. As part of your registration you will be asked to select an Option, but you do not need to confirm you Option until 30th June 2018.

Some of the options include participating in the IST Post Event in Washington DC. The full description of the Options are below.

Option A – Jamboree and IST Post Event, including all flights and North American internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option B – Jamboree, including all flights and internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option C – Jamboree only.

Option D – Jamboree and IST Post Event.

Tell me more about each option…

For All Options: Kit, meals on site and use of a tent is included. The IST fee will also include attendance at IST Weekend in June 2018 and to a UK Contingent event in May 2019.

For Options A and B: Travel on Thursday 18th July with direct transfer to the Jamboree site and departure on Saturday 3rd August. Some roles may require travelling on different dates. All dates are subject to confirmation.

For Options C and D: Jamboree Organisers will arrange transport from Charlotte Douglas airport (CLT) North Carolina, Yeager airport Charleston (CRW) West Virginia or Prince Amtrak railway station, Beckley, West Virginia to the Jamboree site. These details are subject to confirmation.


The fees and payment schedule for the Options described above are as follows.

11th May
30th June
30th Nov
31st March
31st May
IST - Option A£300£700£700£700£595£2,995
IST - Option B£300£700£600£600£550£2,750
IST - Option C£300£300£300£300£300£1,500
IST - Option D£300£375£375£375£375£1,800

Please take note of the payment schedule. IST Members will be responsible for direct payment of their fees to the UK Contingent. These will be collected electronically by EventsAir.

IST are able to make payments of any amount, at any time so long as the minimum payments are made by the dates on the schedule.


Fundraising to reduce the cost for IST is highly encouraged to reduce the cost of the Jamboree to individuals.

In addition to fundraising, IST are entitled to apply for a grant from The Scout Association Inclusion Fund for World Scout Events.

These grants focus on the most in need and will support up to 50% of the Jamboree Fee. Although open to IST, these grants are focused on supporting young people and therefore only 10% of total funds awarded will be to adult volunteers. We anticipate that there will be high demand and not all applicants will be successful.

Applications for the Jamboree grant funds opened on Monday 5 March 2018, and applications will be accepted until Friday 25 May 2018. Each IST must submit their own form via the Scout Grants Committee’s online form here. Applicants applying for funding are recommended to read the information in full on this page and are advised that the outcome of any application will be communicated in July 2018.

If you have any specific queries in regard to the grants please contact the Scout Grants Committee Team.

Post Event

For IST choosing Options A and D we have included a fantastic opportunity to explore the city of Washington DC following the Jamboree.

IST opting for the Post Event will make their way to Washington DC where we will re-energise and set out on an amazing 36 hour city experience.

We will tell you more at the IST Weekend in June but for now, start thinking about your North American dream and how you might turn that in to a reality in Washington DC: tea at the White House, playing American football with the Washington Redskins, or baseball with the Washington Nationals.  It will be in your hands, along with other like-minded IST, to organise your own dream experience with support from the IST Support Team.

Included in this package are two nights accommodation, travel to Washington DC from the Jamboree site, passes to travel round the city, an end of Jamboree “Thank You” event and connections to your optional Additional Tour or travel back to the UK.