IST Options and Post Event

IST Options

All the information about your IST Option and Fees

IST Options

IST options are now frozen. Details of the four IST options can be found below.

Some of the options include participating in the IST Post Event in Washington DC.

Option A – Jamboree and IST Post Event in Washington D.C., including all flights and North American internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option B – Jamboree, including all flights and internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option C – Jamboree only. IST must get themselves to a Jamboree organisers entry points and from the exit point.

Option D – Jamboree and IST Post Event in Washington D.C. This option includes travel from the Jamboree site to Washington D.C. for the Post Event. IST must get themselves to a JOT entry point and the exit point will be Washington D.C.

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17th JulyOption A and B High Ropes IST depart UK and arrive on site
18th JulyOption A and B IST depart UK and arrive on site
Options C and D IST arrival day
22nd JulyParticipants arrive on site
2nd AugustJamboree ends
3rd AugustOptions A and D IST transfer to Washington D.C.
Option B IST fly home
Option C IST depart Jamboree
5th AugustOptions A and D IST depart Washington D.C.
Start of Opional Additional Tours

Post Event


We are excited to be able to announce the venue of the IST Post Event as The Catholic University of America. The university is set on a beautiful campus just a few miles outside the centre of Washington D.C. with great connections via the Metro.

On Sunday evening the university will play host to our Celebration Event.

To find out more about the location of the university click here.

Time Line


We will be departing very early on Saturday from the Jamboree site to maximise our time in Washington D.C. Once settled in, mid-morning brings the start of your Post Event Challenge.

The UK Contingent will provide lunch and dinner.

As part of your Post Event experience, you have the opportunity to jump on an optional sightseeing bus tour.

Bus tours will start at the university and last about an hour or so. This is a great opportunity if you want to take in all the sights and get your bearings. You must book this tour in advance by clicking here. Closing dates for booking is 10th April 2019.

The evening will continue as free time for you to continue your Post Event Challenge.


Post Event Challenge

How are you getting on with planning your Post Event Challenge? Before Christmas we set up 20 facebook groups and some of you are really motoring, making contact with Scouts in Washington D.C., chasing leads to make your challenge a reality and building relationships with each other.

If you haven’t already, please join the themed group matching your area of interest and join the conversation. Links can be found in the Xmas ISTea Times email. If you need the link again please contact us using the form on the IST Zone.

There is huge excitement building around these challenges and it’s great to see the groups starting to bond, ensuring that no one feels isolated or left out, especially because each group has a common goal or interest. You will be surprised how far a few emails, or a quick phone call

Finally there are still a few of you in the “Undecided group”. Time to make your mind up and join one of the active groups planning an amazing challenge, and in doing so get to know your new colleagues ahead of the camp itself. Drop us a message with your idea and we will send you a link to the most appropriate group.

IST Options C & D

Organising Your Own Travel

If you’re going it alone and organising your own travel we have put a little guide together to help you out. This can be found in the ‘Travel, Tours and Post Event’ workshop in the ‘What have I missed’ section of the site. Please remember that if you are organising your own travel you must make your way to the site directly or to one of the three entry points:

  • Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT), Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Yeager Airport (CRW), Charleston, West Virginia.
  • Prince Amtrak Railway Station, Prince, West Virginia.

For those on Option D travel from the Jamboree site to the Post Event is included in your UK Contingent fee and the exit point will be the IST Post event venue in Washington D.C.

IST arrival day is 18th July and IST can arrive from 8am. Transportation arrival and departure shuttle times to the Ruby Welcome Center from the three official entry points will be scheduled with the IST in advance. IST arriving by personal transportation will also need to schedule arrival and departure times. Transportation from locations other than the three official World Scout Jamboree entry points is not available.

There are two Charleston airports – West Virginia (CRW) and South Carolina (CHS). The entry point for the Jamboree is Yeager Airport (CRW), Charleston, West Virginia and collection by the Jamboree organisers is only from this airport.

Travel Advice

The UK Contingent has published travel advice, which can be accessed here.