IST Medical and Personal Queries FAQs

Will IST have to meet The Summit’s Medical and BMI Requirements?

We are aware that for the BSA National Jamboree Leaders and Participants had to meet a medical and BMI requirement.

Our current understanding is that the Jamboree Organisers do not intend to impose the same requirements.

The Jamboree site is physically demanding and potential applicants should take into account the demands of the site when considering their application.

I have dietary needs, will I be catered for at the Jamboree?

The UK Contingent and the Jamboree Organisers are committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all attendees during the Jamboree.

The UK Contingent will work to support individuals with special dietary needs. Provision for a wide variety of diets was witnessed at the study visit to the BSA National Jamboree, held at the Jamboree site.

IST Additional Tours & Post Event FAQs

When will more information about the IST Post Event be published?

More information will be available on the UK Contingent IST Post Event once applicants have been offered a place.

Will there be an opportunity to do additional tours as part of the IST Jamboree experience?

The UK Contingent Management Team is currently in discussions with our Travel Partner for the Jamboree.

As part of the process the UK Contingent Management Team is exploring options to provide additional travel opportunities for IST, although at this stage this cannot be guaranteed.

There will be a UK Contingent IST Post Event for those who selection Option A or D.

IST At the Jamboree FAQs

What will I be expected to do as part of my IST role and will I be able to pick my role?

Individuals appointed as IST will work hard as part of a multinational team and their role will be to support the Jamboree Organisers to deliver the best possible Jamboree.

They will fill vital roles in motivating and supporting young people, and providing services, program and facilities. 

IST members will have the opportunity to express role preferences from an IST jobs catalogue for what job they would like to do at the Jamboree.

No guarantee can be made that individuals will be allocated a role they have applied for.

How many days off will IST members get?

IST will be expected to work hard to support the Jamboree Organiser to deliver a successful Jamboree for the young people attending.

IST may be expected to work shifts at varying time of the day or night. The organisers are very well aware that IST require sufficient rest to be productive in their role and enjoy the experience of the Jamboree.

More information on this will be provided once available from the Jamboree Organisers.

IST Travel FAQs

Can I make my own way to and from the Jamboree?

The UK Contingent has provided two options for people who wish to make their own way to and from the Jamboree – Options C and D.

Option D also includes attendance at the IST Post Event.

You will need to make your way to one of the Official Entry Points for the Jamboree, where the Jamboree Organisers will arrange transport.

The access points are:

  • Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT), Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Yeager Airport (CRW), Charleston, West Virginia.
  • Prince Amtrak Railway Station, Prince, West Virginia.

IST Jamboree build up & pre event FAQs

Will there be events for IST prior to the Jamboree?

As part of the UK Contingent IST fee there will be two IST weekends that you will be invited to attend in order to meet other members of the UK Contingent and find out more information from the UK Contingent.

The first weekend is confirmed as 2nd-3rd June 2018 and will be held at Walesby Forest Activity Centre, Nottinghamshire. More information will be released in Spring 2018.


IST Finance & Insurance FAQs

When will I have to select an Option for attending the Jamboree?

Once you are offered a place as the member of the UK Contingent IST you will have the opportunity to selection which Option you wish to participate in.

Will there be financial support for IST to attend the Jamboree?

The UK Contingent Management Team believes that financial restrictions should not be a barrier to young people, or adults attending the Jamboree.

As members of the UK Contingent, all participants, Leaders and IST are able to apply for assistance with their fee.

Further information on the process and qualifying situations will be released in 2018.

Please note any grants made will not cover the whole fee and it is recommended to start fundraising activities as early as possible.

General IST FAQs

I currently do not have a passport, am I eligible to apply for a role as IST for the Jamboree?

Anyone who is a member of The Scout Association or Girlguiding and who will be 18 years of age on the 22nd July 2019 is eligible to apply for the UK Contingent IST.

To enter the United States of America everyone will require a valid passport and other appropriate entry documentation, such as a visa or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA).

Whilst the UK Contingent is committed to support anyone attending the Jamboree it is the responsibility of each IST member to gain the necessary documentation in good time.

The UK Contingent cannot take IST with incomplete documentation at the time of travel, and any IST fees paid to that point will not be refundable.

I have a criminal record will I be able to attend the Jamboree as IST?

To enter the United States of America you will require a Visa or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) depending on your personal situation.

These documents are subject to certain terms set out by the US authorities. More information can be found here.

Whilst the UK Contingent is committed to support anyone attending the Jamboree, it is the responsibility of each IST to gain the necessary documentation in good time. The final decision as to whether to issue such documentation lies with the relevant authorities, and the UK Contingent cannot be held responsible for lack of appropriate travel documentation at the time of travel.

With the current political situation in America I am concerned that I will not be able to gain entry to the USA. What can I do?

The UK Contingent, Jamboree Organisers and World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) are committed to supporting all Scout form all nations in attending the Jamboree.

If you have any concerns about whether you will be granted access to the United States of America, you should progress your application as normal, but at the same time start your own enquiries with the relevant organisations to determine whether or not you are likely to be issued the appropriate entry documentation.

What are the smoking and drinking rules in America?

Laws vary between many states in America. In America the legal age to buy tobacco is 18 and 21 for drinking. At this time we have no further information on what the rules on site regarding the consumption of these products. Please be mindful that as a member of the UK Contingent you are representing The Scout Association and therefore should adhere at all time to the Jamboree rules, The Scout Association rules and guidance, and act responsibly to uphold the reputation of The Scout Association.

Anyone considered to be abusing these rules or failing to act responsibility, either at the Jamboree itself, or at UK Contingent events in the period leading up to the Jamboree risks having their right to attend as IST being withdrawn. If this occurs during the Jamboree itself, the individual concerned will need to arrange and fund the full costs of their journey back to the UK.

I have special needs, will I be able to attend the Jamboree?

The UK Contingent and the Jamboree organisers are committed to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to attend the Jamboree.

The UK Contingent Management Team is commited to Scouting for All. In accordance with The Scout Association’s equal opportunity policy no person applying for IST will suffer disadvantage by reason of age; class or socio-economic status; ethnic origin, nationality, or race; gender; marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation; disability; political belief; pregnancy; religion or belief.

In accordance with the policy, the physical and mental ability of a particular applicant to fulfill a particular role will a relevant factor to consider.

We will work with individuals to facilitate those with additional needs in attending the Jamboree.

All applicants must make themselves fully aware of the challenges that are associated with camping at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and prepare themselves fully with this in mind.

Can a dependent young person accompany me to the Jamboree?

We understand that the Jamboree Organisers will not be providing childcare facilities and therefore IST members cannot take dependents with them to the Jamboree.

Do I have to have a valid Disclosure Check to attend the Jamboree?

A valid Disclosure Check must be in date on 22nd July 2019. More information about Disclosure Checks for Scouting and Girlguiding can be found by clicking on the links. 

The UK Contingent cannot take IST with out of date or no Disclosure Check at the time of travel. Any IST fees paid to that point will not be refundable.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a local valid Disclosure Check in place in advance of your date of departure for the Jamboree.

It is noted that if you are a member of the Scout Network or the Senior Section that you do not require a Disclosure Check. However, for attendance at the Jamboree a Disclosure Check is required and must be arranged locally.

What are the dates for the Jamboree for IST?

The  IST are required on site from 22nd July 2019 to the 2nd August 2019. It is possible that some IST, depending on the role allocated to them by the Jamboree Organising Team, may need to travel on different dates. 

For Options A and B, the exact dates are to be confirmed, but arrival at the Summit Bechtel Reserve for IST is likely to be one or two days before the start date of the Jamboree with departure on 3rd August 2019.

What happens if, after I am selected, I am unable to attend to the Jamboree?

Please inform the UK Contingent IST team as soon as possible using the form on the IST Zone webpage.

One of the team will be in contact with you to discuss your particular situation, and the options available.

IST Selection FAQs

When is the first payment due?

Successful applicants will be required to pay their deposit to secure their place as IST.

We aim offer places to successful applicants after the conclusion of the final selection event in April 2018.

How many IST will be selected as part of the UK Contingent?

The UK Contingent has been allocated places up to 750 IST places.

The UK Contingent Management Team will select the best IST from those attending the selection events across the UK, BSO and Branches.

Only applicants who meet the selection criteria will be selected to be part of the UK Contingent.

I have applied to be part of IST, when will I hear if I have been successful?

All applicants have now been informed of the outcome of the first stage of the IST application process.

If you have not received an email please review your ‘spam’ folder. If you have any further issues please contact the UK Contingent using the form on the IST Zone page.

The outcome of the final stage of the application process will be communicated to applicants in April 2018. 


I have been invited to a selection event, but I can no longer attend the Jamboree. What should I do?

Please you the contact us form to let us know and we will withdraw your application.


IST Selection Events FAQs

When will I find out more about registering for selection events?

Selection event emails were sent out in week beginning 8th January 2018.

If you have not received an email, please check your ‘spam’ folder. If it has not been received please contact us.

How do I register for an IST selection event?

All candidates invited to selection have been sent an email with a link to register on a selection event. You must register via this link in order to attend a selection event.

If you have not received an email, please check your ‘spam’ folder. If it has not been received please contact us.

How do I know if my registration was successful?

Your registration has not been submitted until you receive a confirmation email from EventsAIR.

Please make sure that you’ve entered the correct email address, signed the terms and conditions and clicked “Submit” at the bottom of the summary page of the registration form.

If you still haven’t received a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If it has not been received please contact us.

 I’m under 18, can I still attend an IST selection event?

Under 18s may attend a selection event but must bring a permission form on the day signed by a parent/carer.

You will be emailed the relevant form in advance of the selection event. Please also ensure that a parent/carer has signed the form.

Is there an advantage of attending a particular selection event over another?

You should select an event based on the most convenient venue and date.

All selection events will be run against the same agenda and scoring criteria and therefore everyone has an equal chance of being selected, irrespective of venue. We will select IST on a national ranking and not by Region or Country.

I won’t be able to make the selection event in my Country/Region. What should I do?

Selection events have been staggered to allow candidates the greatest opportunity to be able to attend a selection event. If you cannot make the selection event in your country/region that you might have to consider an alternative selection event venue.

Can I claim expenses for my travel to and from selection events?

Applicants are expected to cover the cost of attending the IST selection events.

I cannot make the date of the selection event in my Region/Country, what should I do?

Selection events have been staggered where possible to give you the best chance of candidates being able to choose at least one event.

If you can’t attend your nearest selection event, please choose an alternative.

I am not able to select my preferred selection venue or time slot, what can I do?

Places for selection events are allocated on a first come first served basis. We have endeavoured to ensure that there are enough places within each Region/Country for all applicants. In the case where a slot is no longer available please choose the next available slot or select an alternative venue.


I cannot make my chosen selection event, what can I do?

We cannot make amendment to selection events after the registration has closed.

Can I change my time slot at my selection event?

When registering for an event you are able to select your preferred time slot, it is not possible to amend it.

If you need to share transport, we suggest you communicate and coordinate time slots with colleagues in advance of selecting time slots.


What happens if I miss my slot at a selection event?

Please consider traffic and other obstacles when planning your journey time and aim to arrive in good time, as due to the expected large number of potential applicants, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to attend an alternative time slot on that day.

If you miss your selection event, you will not be allowed to attend an alternative date.

I have special needs or other limiting disabilities, will there be provisions for this at selection events?

To sign up for a selection event, you will be asked to provide health information to help us support people with additional needs.

This information will not be used as part of the selection process.

Can I bring somebody to support me at the selection event?

Should you need somebody to support you at selection event, please contact us to make the appropriate arrangements.

If you don’t require additional support, we would ask you to come alone where practicable as each venue has limited capacity.

Is there an option to camp at selection events?

Where selection events are being held at Scout campsites there may be opportunities to camp.

Please contact the site directly to arranging any overnight stay.

Please note the UK Contingent will not be organising any overnight camping and will not be responsible for any young person outside the hours of the selection event.

All procedures in regard to camping must be followed.

Is there a public transport option to get to the selection event?

Details of selection event locations can be found in the IST Zone.

Due to the location of some selection event locations, public transport may be limited.

Do I need uniform for the selection event?

The selection event is a non-uniform event.

Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and be prepared to be outside at times. 

Will food and drink be provided at the selection event?

Drinks refreshments will be available at the events. You are welcome to bring other refreshments with you.


Can I park at the selection event venue?

We have ensured all venues have parking facilities. In the majority of cases the selection events are taking place at Scout campsites and therefore spaces may be limited and we encourage you to share transport with other applicants where possible.

The weather forecast does not look good for my selection day, will it go ahead?

Selection events will be held in a mixture of indoor and outdoor spaces. Events will run in all weathers and you should come prepared for all conditions.

If events need to be cancelled we will contact you ahead of the date.