Frequently Asked Questions

IST Job Allocation

When I am offered a Jamboree role, do I accept it?

It is your decision whether to accept or reject an offered role, but please do not hold off on replying for too long, as the role can be offered to someone else if you do not want it.

If you turn down a role offer, you will go back into the selection pool and will be offered a new role.

There is no guarantee this will be better than your first offer and you should take this into account when deciding whether to accept the role.

As IST you should be prepared to undertake any role.


I have been offered a role involving high ropes, climbing or other activities. Do i need additional training and can i accept the role?

The UK Contingent have informed those IST who will be offered training and conversion courses for high ropes activities. This training covers the following roles. Only IST trained by the UK are eligible for these roles: Canopy Tour – Tour Guide, Challenge Course – Facilitator, Zip Line – Operator.

Those who are offered roles within the Canopy Tour, Challenge Course or Zip Line teams but have not been offered this training you are still eligible to take up a role as support staff.

Those interested and offered climbing roles, these do not require UK training and training will be undertaken on site. More information can be found here.

If you are unsure on the requirements of the role please make contact with the line manager offering you the role. In some roles you may be able to join the team in question in a non technical role.


When will I hear about a UK Contingent role?

There were very high levels of applications for UK Contingent roles and the UK Contingent Management Team are currently working through applications. Notification for IST roles is likely to be in autumn 2018.

If I get offered a Jamboree role, but I was interested in a UK role what should I do?

The UK Contingent will be working through the expressions of interest in UK roles over the summer and confirming our requirements, after which we will be offering UK Contingent roles.

If you are offered a UK Contingent role and accept it this will take precedence over any Jamboree role you have applied for or accepted.

If you are offered a Jamboree role before being offered a UK Role please do not hold off accepting it with the expectation of being offered a UK role.

If I am offered a Jamboree role, but was interested in high ropes or climbing role. What do I do?

The UK Contingent have now informed all IST who expressed interest in this role and training as to the outcome of their application. Those selected will support the organisers in delivering High Ropes activities to the Jamboree participants. This training will allow IST to undertake the following roles: Canopy Tour – Tour Guide, Challenge Course – Facilitator, Zip Line – Operator.


Those who are offered roles within the Canopy Tour, Challenge Course or Zip Line teams but have not been offered this training you are still eligible to take up a role as support staff.


Those interested and offered climbing roles, these do not require UK training and training will be undertaken on site. More information can be found here.


If you have not been offered training by the UK Contingent but are interested in getting involved in delivering Scout and Guide adventurous activities please contact your local training advisor.


I have received an email from the Jamboree organisers. What does it mean?

Once you have registered with the Jamboree organisers and we confirm your selection, you will receive the following email from the Jamboree organisers.

This confirms your selection as a member of the IST, but does not mean you have been offered the particular IST role which you have selected.


What if the kit sizes I choose for the Jamboree changes by next summer?

There will also be the opportunity for kit to be swapped at the UK Contingent All Adult Weekend.

What UK Contingent kit will I be getting?

The UK Contingent outlined the standard issued kit items IST will receive at the IST Weekend, and a summary can be found here.

Will there be the opportunity to buy other UK Contingent merchandise?

Scout Store, part of The Scouts, has created a range of bespoke products for the UK Contingent, which are exclusively available to members of the UK Contingent attending the 24th World Scout Jamboree. You can view them here.

You will need to include an account code, which was emailed to you.

IST Jamboree build up & pre event FAQs

Will there be events for IST prior to the Jamboree?

IST Weekend was amazing! There will be further chance to meet up as the IST at All Adults Weekend at Gilwell Park on 18th and 19th May 2019. The weekend will be the last chance for us to brief you before leaving for the Jamboree.


How do I get to know other IST before I go?

We believe IST members getting to know other IST in advance of the Jamboree is a great way to help in fundraising and avoid feeling isolated at the Jamboree.

We encourage you to use social media (including the UK Contingent IST Facebook Page) and IST Weekend to meet other local IST.

Why not arrange a local meet up?

There will be a chance to meet other IST at All Adults Weekend at Gilwell Park on 18th and 19th May 2019

How do I get involved in supporting my local Jamboree Unit?

Every IST who would like to, can be involved in supporting Jamboree Units. To support this, we have selected an IST Lead for each Jamboree Unit. The link to the list was emailed to you along with ISTea Times.

If you are interested in working with a Unit or you are already involved with a Unit, please make contact with the IST Lead.


General IST FAQs

I am not on Facebook, will I miss out on communications?

The UK Contingent’s public social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) will be used to share the excitement of the Jamboree with all members of Scouting and Guiding and the wider public.

The UK Contingent also has a number of closed Facebook groups, including the 24th World Scout Jamboree – UK Contingent Group and IST Group.  Only members of the UK Contingent are able to join these groups. You will need your ID sent in your original registration email when requesting access.

Information from the UK Contingent will not in ordinary circumstances be communicated only by social media. During the Jamboree it is likely that photographs and videos will be shared on social media from the Jamboree site.

Can I use the UK Contingent Bear logo in fundraising or promotional material?

Information relating to the UK Contingent and Jamboree organisers brand can be downloaded here. Please read this information carefully.

For more information or support in regard to the use of the logo, please contact us.

What are the dates for the Jamboree?

The Jamboree runs from 22nd July 2019 to 2nd August 2019. We understand that IST are required on site from Thursday 18th July and we anticipate that IST members choosing Options A and B will fly out on Thursday 18th July. All IST will leave the site on Saturday 3rd August.

It is possible that some IST members, depending on the role allocated to them by the Jamboree Organising Team, may need to travel on different dates.

For those selecting travel options A or D, we anticipate that the IST Post Event will run from Saturday 3rd August to Monday 5th August. We expect those selecting option A to return on Monday 5th August.

All dates are subject to change by the Jamboree organisers or until flights are confirmed.

I have a criminal record will I be able to attend the Jamboree as IST?

To enter the United States of America you will require a Visa or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) depending on your personal situation.

These documents are subject to certain terms set out by the US authorities. More information can be found here.

Whilst the UK Contingent is committed to support anyone attending the Jamboree, it is the responsibility of each IST to gain the necessary documentation in good time. The final decision as to whether to issue such documentation lies with the relevant authorities, and the UK Contingent cannot be held responsible for lack of appropriate travel documentation at the time of travel.

With the current political situation in America I am concerned that I will not be able to gain entry to the USA. What can I do?

The UK Contingent, Jamboree Organisers and World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) are committed to supporting all Scout form all nations in attending the Jamboree.

If you have any concerns about whether you will be granted access to the United States of America, you should progress your application as normal, but at the same time start your own enquiries with the relevant organisations to determine whether or not you are likely to be issued the appropriate entry documentation.

What are the smoking and drinking rules in America?

Laws vary between many states in America. In America the legal age to buy tobacco is 18 and 21 for drinking. At this time we have no further information on what the rules on site regarding the consumption of these products. Please be mindful that as a member of the UK Contingent you are representing The Scout Association and therefore should adhere at all time to the Jamboree rules, The Scout Association rules and guidance, and act responsibly to uphold the reputation of The Scout Association.

Anyone considered to be abusing these rules or failing to act responsibility, either at the Jamboree itself, or at UK Contingent events in the period leading up to the Jamboree risks having their right to attend as IST being withdrawn. If this occurs during the Jamboree itself, the individual concerned will need to arrange and fund the full costs of their journey back to the UK.

Can a dependent young person accompany me to the Jamboree?

We understand that the Jamboree Organisers will not be providing childcare facilities and therefore IST members cannot take dependents with them to the Jamboree.

Do I have to have a valid Disclosure Check to attend the Jamboree?

A valid Disclosure Check must be in date on 22nd July 2019. More information about Disclosure Checks for Scouting and Girlguiding can be found by clicking on the links. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a local valid Disclosure Check in place in advance of your date of departure for the Jamboree.

The UK Contingent cannot take IST without a Disclosure Check or with an out of date Disclosure Check at the time of travel. If you do not have the relevant Disclosure documentation you will not be allowed to travel and any IST fees paid to that point will not be refunded.

If you are a Scout Network or Senior Section member you may not have a Disclosure Check for your Scouting role. However you will require a Disclosure Check to attend the Jamboree.

For Scouts, IST roles are currently being uploaded to Compass. This will generate an automatic 30 day request to get a valid DBS.

What happens if, after I am selected, I am unable to attend to the Jamboree?

Please inform the UK Contingent IST team as soon as possible using the form on the IST Zone webpage.

One of the team will be in contact with you to discuss your particular situation, and the options available.

IST Travel FAQs

I’ve changed where I live, can I change my departure airport preference?

We are now in the process of arranging travel for the UK Contingent.

We are therefore unable to alter your preference for a departure airport.

I am an on Option C and D, do i have to provide the UK Contingent my Travel documentation?

All IST including those on Options C and D are required to provide the UK Contingent with travel documentation in January 2019. This includes independent travellers to allow the UK Contingent to provide assistance to UK Contingent members in the event of unforeseen events at the Jamboree.

I am a Dual national of either Canada or the USA but I only hold one passport, what do I do?

For the purpose of travel and filling out Phase 4 registration if you are a Dual National but only hold one passport, you should follow the UK Contingent travel guidance here for the nationality of the passport you hold. This includes following the requirements for the USA and Canada for the passport type you hold.

What are the dates for the Jamboree?

The Jamboree runs from 22nd July 2019 to 2nd August 2019. IST are required on site from Thursday 18th July and IST members choosing Options A and B will fly out on Thursday 18th July. All IST will leave the site on Saturday 3rd August. IST are allowed to arrive on site from 8am on 18th July.

IST on UK High Ropes training will fly out and be expected to arrive on site on 17th July.

For those selecting travel options A or D, the IST Post Event will run from Saturday 3rd August to Monday 5th August. We expect those selecting option A to return on Monday 5th August.

All dates are subject to change by the Jamboree organisers or until flights are confirmed.

If I choose option A or B, can I go one way or can I choose my travel dates?

IST choosing option A or B will have their flights and travel arranged for them by the UK Continent. Due to the large number of IST it is not possible to accommodate individual requests to travel on alternative dates or book one way tickets.

If you would like to give yourself flexibility in your travel plans we recommend selecting options C or D

When do I need to get my Travel Documents sorted and who sorts this?

It will be the individual’s responsibility to arrange personal travel documents (for example passports, ESTA/visa) for both the Jamboree and any Optional Additional Tours. For those doing additional tours Travel Places will advise on any additional document you need to obtain. You have until the 22nd January to upload these documents in EventsAir.

The UK Contingent’s Travel Advice is published here. The UK Contingent are unable to take responsibility for any individual who does not obtain the relevant paperwork and cannot take IST with incomplete or out of date travel documentation at the time of travel.

If any member of the IST does not have the relevant travel documentation and is not permitted to travel, any IST fees paid will not be refunded.

When will my travel dates be confirmed?

The UK Contingent are working with our travel provider, Travel Places, to secure the relevant flight and travel bookings.

More information will be provided on travel dates in 2019. Travel dates are dependant of a number of factors including availability, your IST role and requests from the Jamboree organisers.

With IST Options A and B can I choose my departure airport?

The choice of departure airports is dependent on a number of factors including availability, your location and your choice of IST Option and Additional Tours.

We have now collected your preference in this area. Where possible we will match you to the closest airport to you but you should be prepared to be flexible in your allocated departure airport.

I am making my own way to the Jamboree, where do I need to get to?

The UK Contingent has provided two options for people who wish to make their own way to and from the Jamboree – Options C and D.

Option D also includes attendance at the IST Post Event and travel from the site to Washington D.C. For option D the exit point will be the IST Post Event in Washington D.C.

If you are undertaking an optional Additional Tour your exit point will be the city where your tour ends.

You will need to make your way to and back to one of the Official Entry Points for the Jamboree, where the Jamboree organisers will arrange transport.

The access points are:

  • Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT), Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Yeager Airport (CRW), Charleston, West Virginia.
  • Prince Amtrak Railway Station, Prince, West Virginia.

For more information visit our IST Options Page.

IST At the Jamboree FAQs

Can you provide more information about Jamboree IST Roles?

All information provided by the organisers as to IST roles, is attached within the document provided by the Jamboree organisers. This document provides greater description of the available Jamboree roles.

A degree of flexibility will be required in selection of IST roles and you should have an open mind as to the role you undertake at the Jamboree.


Where can I access support at the Jamboree?

The UK Contingent understands that at times during the Jamboree IST members need support.

In advance of the Jamboree we encourage IST to get to know other members of the Contingent (UK Contingent Team, Unit Leaders, Other IST) to create a personal support network.

At the Jamboree your first point of contact for issues with your main IST role should be your Jamboree line manager.

Any medical queries should be through the Jamboree medical centre.

Following these steps if you require support the UK Contingent will be publishing how they can be contacted in advance of the Jamboree.

Where will I sleep at the Jamboree?

Tented accommodation will be provided by the Jamboree Organisers for all IST attending the Jamboree. This will include a camp cot to sleep on.

Experience of previous Jamborees have suggested that IST will share tents with 4 other IST members.

For more information visit our At the Jamboree page.

What time off will IST get?

You will be expected to work hard to support the Jamboree organisers in delivering a successful Jamboree for the young people attending.

You may be expected to work shifts at varying times of the day or night. The organisers are very well aware that IST members require sufficient rest to be productive in their role and enjoy the experience of the Jamboree and are looking to ensure each IST gets at least one day off. As part of this, the organisers have aspirations to put on IST activities, entertainment and offsite trips. Once details are confirmed we will publish more information.

For more information visit our At the Jamboree page.

IST Additional Tours & Post Event FAQs

Why is Option A only £245 more than Option B for the post event, while option D is £300 more than Option C for the same thing?

The travel options open to IST are as follows:

Option A – Jamboree and IST Post Event in Washington D.C., including all flights and North American internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option B – Jamboree, including all flights and internal transfers provided from UK regional airports.

Option C – Jamboree only. IST must get themselves to a Jamboree organisers entry points and from the exit point.

Option D – Jamboree and IST Post Event in Washington D.C. This option includes travel from the Jamboree site to Washington D.C. for the Post Event. IST must get themselves to a JOT entry point and the exit point will be Washington D.C.

The difference between Option A/Option B and Option C/Option D is not  just the post event alone.

Option A – The UK Contingent will get IST to a US airport ‘point of entry’ or to the site (whether on a single flight, multiple flights or a flight and a coach). When leaving the Jamboree we can use some of the travel part of this fee to get IST to Washington DC. Thus the post event appears to cost £245.

Option D – IST do not purchase any travel from the UK Contingent. However, the Jamboree finishes in West Virginia and the post event takes place in Washington D.C. The UK Contingent have assumed IST will not wish to purchase their own travel to Washington DC and so travel is costed into this fee, thus the £300.

More information on IST Options and the UK Contingent Post Event can be found here.

I have selected Options C what are the entry and exit points for the optional Additional Tours?

All Additional Tours will start in Washington D.C. when the IST Post Event ends. Those choosing Option C (Jamboree only) will need to make their own way from the Jamboree site to meet the group in Washington D.C. by Monday 5th August 2019.

The exit point will be the city where the tour ends as per the itinerary. From there you will need to make your own way to the airport to get home or onto the next stage of your trip.

How much money will I get on my metro card?

The final amount is still to be determined, but we will provide you with sufficient funds for reasonable travel around the central city area.

Can I change my travel option or sign up to an Additional Tour?

The deadline for confirming your travel option and signing up for optional Additional Tours was 30th June 2018.

We are now processing this information to arrange travel for the UK Contingent and we cannot accept further bookings.

What are the dates of the Post Event and optional Additional tours?

IST selecting Post Event are anticipated to leave site on Saturday 3rd August 2019 and travel to Washington DC. The Post Event will run until Monday 5th August 2019.

Additional Tours will provisionally run from Monday 5th August. Each tour is for five (5) nights.

Dates are subject to confirmation following confirmation from the Jamboree Organisers of the departure date for IST.

What insurance cover is there for Additional Tours?

Travel Places is fully licensed and bonded with ABTA, ATOL and IATA, and will advise participants on insurance required in due course.

What is the IST Post Event?

For the most up to date information on the UK Contingent IST Post Event click here.

IST Medical and Personal Queries FAQs

How can I let you know about my additional needs or medical requirements?

Before the Jamboree we will be asking you to provide us with information on any medical requirements or additional needs. You will be notified when we are collecting this information.

If you feel that your Jamboree build up requires us to know this information now please contact us via the IST Zone “contact us” form.


I have been sent an email asking me to give medical consent, is this genuine?

On completion of your Jamboree registration the Jamboree organisers will be sending you a form to fill out. This form is your consent for the organisers to treat you on site.

If you are under 18 you will need the consent of a parent or guardian over 18

Will IST have to meet The Summit’s Medical and BMI Requirements?

We are aware that for the BSA National Jamboree Leaders and Participants had to meet a medical and BMI requirement.

Our current understanding is that the Jamboree Organisers do not intend to impose the same requirements.

The Jamboree site is physically demanding and potential applicants should take into account the demands of the site when considering their application.

I have special needs, will I be able to attend the Jamboree?

The UK Contingent and the Jamboree organisers are committed to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to attend the Jamboree.

The UK Contingent Management Team is commited to Scouting for All. In accordance with The Scout Association’s equal opportunity policy no member of the IST will suffer disadvantage by reason of age; class or socio-economic status; ethnic origin, nationality, or race; gender; marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation; disability; political belief; pregnancy; religion or belief.

We will work with individuals to facilitate those with additional needs in attending the Jamboree.

All IST members must make themselves fully aware of the challenges that are associated with camping at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and are expected to prepare themselves fully with this in mind.

For those with dietary needs, these will be catered for by the organisers on site in the IST canteen. During our site visits the UK Contingent have been impressed with the way the organisers have catered for special dietary needs

IST Finance & Insurance FAQs

What insurance is in place for the Jamboree and what does it cover?

Your Jamboree experience is comprehensively insured by Unity Insurance Services, The Scout Association insurer. The policy covers the cancellation of the event itself, acts of terrorism, travel, personal accident medical expenses and more.

Full details and claims processes will be communicated to IST by Summer 2018, and at the IST Weekend in June.

If you need to withdraw from the Jamboree, please contact the IST Support Team here in the first instance. We will advise you on your eligibility to claim from the insurers.

Insurance covers ‘sudden and unforeseen’ circumstances, such as sudden illness, injury, etc.

All insurance claims will be made in the name of the individual IST, and will therefore have to be made by the IST themselves. UK Contingent cannot do this for you, unless it is for a Contingent wide event.

Some pre-existing medical conditions will require a ‘fitness to participate’ note from your Doctor. We will be issuing a form at the same time as the guidance in order to assist in this.

Please note, insurance reimbursement will only consist of your personal contributions, and not necessarily funds which have been fundraised. You should assist the insurers in making reasonable endeavours to repay bursaries and grants to your benefactors.

Can I make additional payments?

The payment scheme is in the table below:

11th May
30th June
30th Nov
31st March
31st May
IST - Option A£300£700£700£700£595£2,995
IST - Option B£300£700£600£600£550£2,750
IST - Option C£300£300£300£300£300£1,500
IST - Option D£300£375£375£375£375£1,800

Please take note of the payment schedule. IST Members will be responsible for direct payment of their fees to the UK Contingent. These will be collected electronically by EventsAir.

IST are able to make advance instalment payments, at any time so long as the payments are made by the dates on the schedule.


Will there be financial support for IST to attend the Jamboree?

Applications for the grant from The Scout Association Inclusion Fund for World Scout Events are now closed.

We do highly encourage fundraising to reduce the cost of the Jamboree to individuals.