At the Jamboree

The Jamboree is to be held at the Bechtel Summit Reserve in West Virginia. This purpose-built site lays claim to be the largest Jamboree site ever. With its wooded landscape and vast rolling mountains the Jamboree site provides both an exciting playground for discovering as well as a physically demanding place to move around.

At the IST weekend the UK Contingent provided a taster of what the Jamboree site is like and the experience for IST. Check out the full slides in the ‘What have I missed’ section of the site.

The Jamboree site

The 11,000 acres (44,500 km²) of the site is huge, with the sloped 80,000-seater stadium at its height. Take a look at the interactive site map.

The site lays claim to some record breaking features: it has the 2nd-largest outdoor skate park in the USA, the longest combined zip line in the world, and the largest man-made outdoor climbing facility in the USA.

The site isn’t just about big adventure, but also about the education of young people. It boasts a 125ft living educational Sustainability Tree House, as well as its very own Brownsea Island. In the centre of the site is the World Point area. This is a the heart of the Jamboree, as well as a programme zone. This area will host the Food Houses, Global Development Village and Pavilions, as well as our UK offices.

The site is split into six Basecamps (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot) and 23 subcamps which are located on flat areas amongst the trees. The IST will be based on Echo. To put the scale of the site in context, Echo subcamp and the IST canteen are two whole miles from the camp centre: a 50-minute walk with a hill in between. The organisers will be providing a shuttle bus for some IST roles to support you in getting around.


Living on site

On site you will experience hot and humid weather, with lightning a common occurrence in the evening, but storms pass over. Nights are cool with fog in the morning. Mornings are cool enough for a jumper.

Bunk cots will be provided to IST for sleeping, with four to a tent. Most people use sleeping bag liners on their cots. IST have access to warm solar-powered showers.

The IST canteen on site will not leave you hungry, and all dietary needs are catered for. Each meal will have four choices and lunch will consist of a pack up. When wandering around the site you will never go thirsty as there are plenty of water taps around.


The high-tech bit

The Jamboree aims to be the most high-tech Jamboree ever. Everyone on site will be asked to use the Jamboree app to receive alerts, navigate and plan their activities. The site has fantastic mobile coverage and the Jamboree organisers are looking to boost Wifi availability.


IST training

IST will be required to undertake online training in advance of the Jamboree. If this training isn’t complete you will be asked to do it at registration before entering site. The IST role is seen as vital to the Jamboree’s success and therefore IST attendance at work will be monitored.


The IST experience

The Jamboree organisers strongly believe the Jamboree needs to provide for IST when not at work. To this end the organisers are hoping to put together an IST programme to give you plenty to do in your spare time. This will include the IST Recognition Award.

The exact details on the what the IST experience will look like are to be confirmed but here is a list of some of the many things the organisers are currently hoping to put on:

  • Evening music and dance area
  • Maybe even karaoke
  • A quiet relaxation area
  • Cinema
  • Gym, for those still with energy
  • Daytime games

In addition, the organisers hope to supplement this with onsite and offsite options for your day off. This will range from partaking in some of the many Jamboree activities to going on an organised offsite excursion for the day.

Make the most of your time off to soak up everything the Jamboree has to offer.