Registration FAQs

We need to replace a Unit Leader. Can we appoint a member of IST?

Anyone moving between IST and Unit Leadership roles will no longer have fees refunded. This is because flights have now been booked and paid for, as well as fees paid to the Jamboree Organisers, and other non-refundable costs have been incurred.

IST members can still move into a Unit Leader role, as long as the IST is paid up to date with all fees (at the point of the discussion). No refunds will be able to be made to the IST member.

If you are appointing new unit leaders from IST roles, please bear this in mind – consider how the County / Area / Region (Scotland) can manage it and discuss the financial situation with the individual concerned. Should there be any issues, please contact the Contingent Management Team as early as possible in the decision making process. We do not want this to impede individuals moving into unit leadership roles, but have budgetary constraints to consider.

Will there be an additional cost for replacing Unit members?

The deadline for replacing Unit members is the 31st of May 2019. Any changes made after this date will incur an additional charge, currently estimated to be £120.

There will also be a final cut-off date of 10th of July 2019, beyond which absolutely no replacements to Unit members can be made.

Any replacements made after the 31st of May must provide evidence of permission to enter the United States and Canada on the relevant dates before their addition to the Contingent will be approved.