Celebrating our Contingent

As we count down the final 100 days before the first of our Units flies off to the Jamboree, we would like to celebrate each of our 100 Units and what makes their Unit family unique.

100 Units in 100 days

We would like each of our Units to create a short video clip that can be used across our UK Contingent social media. Starting with Unit 100, we will count down to “zero” the day the first Units leave for North America.

What do we need to do?

We want you to create a short video clip introducing your Unit. You can do whatever you like to express your Unit’s identity, within the following guidelines:

  • Your clip should be 15 seconds long
  • It should be shaped by and feature the young people in your Unit, and should involve as many of them as possible
  • It should include a visual representation of your Unit’s number
  • It should have sound, which could be live or a voiceover
  • Everyone in your video should wear their UK scarf and, if possible, a Unit polo shirt or jumper.
  • We would like these videos to be as informal as possible, so there is no need for formal uniform.

Please send your videos e.g. by WeTransfer by 10th March 2019. You should email the link to us here.

Technical specifications

Please ensure your content meets the following technical specifications:

  • Your video should be at least 720×720 pixels
  • It should be shot using horizontal (landscape) orientation
  • It should have good-quality sound – you may need to use a microphone
  • It should be shot using a tripod to ensure a steady shot

Why not refresh your memory of the Comms Champion training on visual storytelling here?

Want some more tips…watch our video from Unit Leader Weekend 2: