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Welcome to the new Unit Leader Zone

Bear with us whilst we make some changes to reflect your feedback from UL Weekend.

Training Events

Unit Leader Weekend 1

Resources from Unit Leader Weekend 1

Unit Leader Weekend 2

Resources from Unit Leader Weekend 2

SSU Course Bristol

An additional SSU course in March 2019 for those unable to attend other courses

Youth Forums

Online training for young people in January 2019

Advice and Support


Our latest travel advice and information

Flash Update

Flash updates from the Jamboree Organisers


Hints and tips for fundraising

Comms Champions

Support for Unit's Comms Champions


Check out our Brand Guidelines


Information about UK Contingent Kit


North America in a Bag

All the informaion you need for NAB

Youth Engagement Information

Find all your talking points information

Personal Development Zone

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100 Units in 100 Days

Find out more about our countdown programme

Comms Champion

Resources from Comms Champion Training

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