To help you to complete the registration to the UK Contingent, we have put together some frequently asked questions:


More than one person in my family is attending the World Scout Jamboree and I am getting a register error message when I try and register. What can I do?

The system is limited and only one account can be associated with any email address. Each this is a limitation of the system and a different email address should be used for each person attending the World Scout Jamboree.

If you are trying to register two participants (i.e. young people under the age of 18), then the email address must be for a parent/carer.


How can I change my email address for my EventsAir account?

To change your email address please email us.


Will there be the opportunity to buy other UK Contingent merchandise?

Scout Store, part of The Scouts, will be creating a range of bespoke products for the UK Contingent, which will be exclusively available to members of the UK Contingent attending the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

The product catalogue along with further information will be launched in Autumn 2018.


What UK Contingent Kit will be issued?

The information in regard to UK Contingent issue kit will be released in Autumn 2018.

Is there a sizing chart for the shorts?

A sizing chart for shorts has now been uploaded to the registration portal.

How can I exchange UK Contingent Issue Kit?

UK Contingent Kit will arrive in Spring 2019.

If the kit doesn’t fit, then it might be possible to switch with somebody else in the Unit.

There will also be an opportunity for kit to be swapped at the UK Contingent All Adult Weekend. This will need to be arranged through the Unit Leader.


I am not on Facebook, will I miss out on communications?

The UK Contingent’s public social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) will be used to share the excitement of the Jamboree with all members of Scouting and Guiding and the wider public.

The UK Contingent also has a number of closed Facebook groups, including the 24th World Scout Jamboree – UK Contingent Group. Only members of the UK Contingent and parents are invited to join this group and it requires the Unit Number and Event Code.

This group is a place for participants, Leaders and volunteers staffing the Jamboree from the UK (the International Service Team – IST) to share their build up. Other Facebook groups are available to members of the UK Contingent depending on their role (IST, Unit Leaders etc.).