Top Tips

Have Fun!

Think about something you would really like to do and set a goal related to that - you’re much more likely to complete a goal if it’s fun and rewarding!

"The Jamboree has really given me a kick-start to losing weight and being healthy, it has even allowed me to find a new passion for running!"

Plan Ahead

Set simple goals, and to have a mixture of long and short term ones. Remember to collect evidence as you go. You can find more tips in the Personal Development Zone.


Make it Relevant

Think about skills you will need at the Jamboree, to get ideas you can speak to someone who has already been to one. Consider setting a goal to help you gain those skills!


Be Inspired

There are lots of ideas for inspiration in the PDZ, and if someone else has a good idea, pinch it! Why not consider sharing the fun by completing a goal as a group?

Facts about the Jamboree

Share Success

Tell us when you have been successful, adding the hashtag #UK24WSJPD to your social media posts. Remember - a picture speaks 1000 words!