IST Training

The IST role is a national appointment with several mandatory requirements to be completed before attending the Jamboree and making your role official.


You must hold a valid Disclosure for the duration of the Jamboree. Your Disclosure can be renewed up to six months ahead of its expiry date, so you can renew now if yours is due to expire before the Jamboree.
If you are currently under 18 you can now apply for your Disclosure check.

Please check the status of your Disclosure and ensure you have renewed or applied for it, if necessary, by All Adults Weekend. Your local manager can help you to complete this task.

Click here to find out more about disclosures.

UK Training

We have been reviewing training for the IST role to ensure you are well prepared for the challenges of the Jamboree. Please see below updated guidance on training.


If you are 18 or over, we have added your IST role, including your training modules, to Compass.

Mandatory modules must be completed ahead of the Jamboree. Please get these signed off as soon as possible – we recommend you complete these modules before All Adults Weekend. Please approach your local training advisor to assist you.

If you have previously completed these modules for another role, they must be revalidated by your training advisor for your IST role. This is to allow you to considered how the content of these modules will be relevant to your IST role, and to ensure modules that have time-limited elements are revalidated.

If you are under 18, we encourage you to speak to your training advisor to start working towards these modules. Once you turn 18 and your IST role is live on Compass we recommend your training advisor backdate the modules.

The following modules are mandatory for your attendance at the event:

The following modules are further training requirements for the role you are undertaking. These modules will give you the tools to effectively carry out the IST role and we highly recommend that you complete them before the Jamboree:


We strongly recommend you complete the following modules before the Jamboree:

All IST members

The UK Contingent is committed to ensuring the welfare of all adults and young people attending the Jamboree. We have put together a training module called “Healthy Relationships at the Jamboree”. We will provide more information on this at All Adults Weekend.  

Training provided by the Jamboree organisers

The Jamboree organisers have now launched the online training for the Jamboree. The following optional and mandatory modules should be completed before the Jamboree:

Safe from Harm – this is mandatory for all adults attending the Jamboree. This training will take approximately three hours and can be completed in stages. On completion you must print the certificate. The system has been designed to prevent you skipping parts of the training. Skipping through the training may result in you being locked from moving to the end section and completing the training.

IST Experience – this is a multi part-training package which in total takes two hours. It has valuable information on your Jamboree experience. Everything from arrival information, site orientation to health and happiness. We highly recommend sitting this training.

PCI Training – For those doing trading post roles this training may be required before undertaking your work. Please consult your role manager.

Training can be accessed here. We strongly encourage you to read the accompanying instructions on how to register and complete the packages to ensure you successfully complete the training and obtain the correct certificates. You will need your Jamboree 13-digit ID to register.

Please remember to take a copy of the certificate for the Safe from Harm training as this is required for all adults to enter the site. Failure to obtain this qualification in advance will result in your entry to the Jamboree being delayed while you complete the training.