Meet the Contingent Management Team

The UK Contingent Management Team is responsible for the organisation and management of the largest ever UK contingent to an overseas event.

Caroline Pearce – UK Contingent Leader

Caroline Pearce

Jon Richards – Deputy Contingent Leader for Contingent Support and Development

Jon Richards

Andy Rosam – Deputy Contingent Leader for Contingent Engagement

Andy Rosam

Antony “Joker” Streets – Deputy Contingent Leader for Contingent Operations


Stuart Card - Communications

Stuart Card

Jo Haynes - Youth Shaping

Jo Haynes

Sean Stacey - Youth Shaping

Sean Stacey

Peter Wilson - Post-Event

Peter Wilson

Andrew Bolton - HoHo

Andrew Bolton

Cath Wright - Personal Development

Cath Wright

Tim Haggett - Unit Support

Tim Haggett

Richard Holmes - IST Support

Richard Holmes

Andrew Lewis - Travel

Andrew Lewis

Leigh Villiers - Equipment and Onsite Operations

Leigh Villiers

Daniel Dupont - Events Officer

Daniel Dupont