Information for Adults

Thank you for signing up to attend Communications Champion training and nominating young people in your Unit to participate in a Scouts Speak Up (SSU) course.

What will I be doing?

On this one-day course you will be building upon the learning from previous training sessions and webinars for Communications Champions. Your training will be largely separate to the young people on the SSU course.

What will the young people be doing on the SSU course?

The SSU course is an active day and will involve young people developing and telling their stories about Scouting, as well as learning how to speak to the media. They will get out as much as they put in, so should come along ready to have a go and learn by doing. For more information on the SSU course please see the joining instructions here.

When is my course?

Your email contains the date and location of your course. You should arrive from 9am and no later than 9.30am, and you will be finished by 4pm. If you are an adult from your Unit are not coming to the course, please can you confirm this on EventsAir.

How do I get to the course?

Both you and young people are responsible for getting to the course venue. You can find further instructions for getting to the site using the links below:

Can I stay at the venue before and/or after the course?

We will not be providing accommodation for the training days, but you can organise accommodation directly with the venues.

If you are camping you will be responsible for the young people outside of the course running period, and the completion of the appropriate forms.

More information on the Nights Away can be found here.

Will food be provided?

Catering is not provided and you should bring your own lunch and ensure that young people do as well. Drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the day.

There are small local stores withing driving distance of the site, but lunch breaks might not be long enough to allow participants to leave the sites and get to shops.

If you decide to camp before or after the course, then you will need to bring your own camping and cooking equipment and food for meals outside of the course times.

What should I do now?

Please sign up using the EventsAir link in your email to give us any information we need to know for the course. The young people from your Unit who have signed up for the course will also need to fill in a registration page on EventsAir so please encourage them to do this as soon as possible. This should be completed by Sunday, 24th June.

What should I bring?

Please come along to the course prepared to have a go at hands-on training – you may find a notebook and pen, smartphone, camera and laptop are useful for producing content and taking notes.

Part of the course will involve working with videos, so it may be helpful to have downloaded the following Apps before arriving:

  • Apple – iMovie
  • Android – Kinemaster
  • Windows – Videoshop: Video Editor

How can I prepare for the course?

The course will build on previous Communications Champion training. You may wish to refresh your memory of this by watching the webinars here.