Guidance for Young People Selection

The Scouts Speak Up (SSU) course uses the Scout method, and is delivered through a mixture of plenary sessions and learning by doing.

We encourage participants to concentrate and participate in plenary sessions, practise key skills in small groups, and listen and provide encouragement to fellow participants.

The course is an intensive learning experience, and potential participants should be made aware of the expectations of the course if they are selected to attend.

From experience, the following are key factors to be considered when selecting young people to attend the course:

  • Age – participants under 14 can often find it difficult to achieve the necessary level of concentration and firm grasp of the key learning points on the course.
  • Motivation – participants should be aware of what the training involves and have shown an interest in this area of work.
  • Experience – participants should be those who get a lot out of Scouting on a personal level, so the training can assist in allowing them to share their experiences. They do not need to have been on any previous international Scouting experiences.
  • Personality – participants should be keen, enthusiastic and always ready to have a go. A degree of existing confidence in speaking and sharing personal experiences would be beneficial.

Should you need further advice on selection of participants, you can always contact us.