Information for Unit Leadership Teams

We hope to provide information to Unit Leadership Teams updates throughout the World Scout Jamboree period.

This page will be frequently updated to provide information to Unit Leadership Teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a specific dietary requirement. Will the airline I am travelling on be notified of this?

For all transatlantic flights, these will include food. For units and IST on options A and B, the UK Contingent will inform the airline of specific dietary requirements that are logged in EventsAir only. If you have a special dietary requirement, please make sure this is entered on EventsAir by the end of May. Some airlines publish meal patterns in advance on their website if you wish to look ahead.

The flight I am travelling on involves a stopover. Will the UK Contingent be providing money for any food during this time?

The UK Contingent will not be providing any money for flights that involve a stopover. Members will have to purchase their own food during this time, if they wish to do so.

As we are travelling to a culture which is tradition to provide tips, will we be required to provide a tip for the coach driver?

We have received confirmation that it will not be necessary to tip the coach driver.

What support is available to Unit Leadership Teams?

The UK Contingent is made up of the Contingent Management Team (CMT) who are responsible for the overall vision, management and support to the Contingent (Units and International Service Team).

Support to Units both prior to and during the Jamboree will be provided by members of the Contingent Support Team (CST).

Each Unit will be allocated a primary CST member who should be the first point of support for questions and queries, and will support Units in delivering an experience like no other for Unit Members.

The CST member for your Unit will be in touch during September.