Unit Leader selection guidance

We want to ensure that as a Contingent Management Team we are ready to support Counties, Areas and Regions in selection of both young people and adults to be part of Jamboree Units and we want to provide you with all the information required to make informed choices on recruitment.

The selection of Unit Leaders for the UK Contingent to the World Scout Jamboree is crucially important to the experience of the young people taking part. Through good leadership, enthusiasm, teamwork and role modelling of the values of Scouting, the Unit Leadership Team have a great opportunity to facilitate a fantastic international experience for the young people within their Unit.

To assist Counties, Areas and Regions, the UK Contingent has produced “Guidance for the Selection of Unit Leaders”. A copy of the guidance can be downloaded by clicking here.


Youth Shaping Unit Leader Selection

The Vision for the UK Contingent to the 24th World Scout Jamboree builds on The Scout Association’s strategy: Scouting for all. This vision is:

The UK Contingent Team will deliver a unique international adventure shaped by young people, where contingent members will develop personally and have a positive longer term impact on Scouting and beyond.


The selection of Jamboree Unit Leaders is the first stage of involving young people in the Jamboree experience at a local level.

The perspective of young people on recruitment of Unit Leaders is vital, as the primary role of the Unit Leaders is managing the training and personal development of the 36 young people in their Unit and working closely with them in the run-up to the Jamboree, on the event and on their return home from their Jamboree experience. Who is better to assess an applicant’s skills at working with young people, than young people who have been to a World Scout Jamboree, or who work with Leaders every week?

Youth Shaped Scouting involves young people doing the following:

– sharing their ideas

– learning from and teaching each other and adults

– taking part in decision making

– assisting with planning the programme, including activities and camps

– becoming more involved in all aspects of Scouting

This should be at the forefront of the minds of those organising selection events and for prospective Unit Leaders in their proposed planning for the Jamboree experience.


Top Five Tips

The UK Contingent’s Top Five Tips for youth shaping the selection of Unit Leaders are:

1. Make any contribution from young people meaningful

The areas where young people are to be involved in decision making need to be appropriate for them and in areas where they can affect the outcome.

2. Previous World Scout Jamboree experience

As discussed in the Guidance for the Selection of Unit Leaders, the selection panel should include two young people under the age of 25. At least one member of the panel should have previous World Scout Jamboree experience as a participant. It may also be helpful (though not essential) that the other member of the panel has some international experience with Scouting, so they have an understanding of the challenges that participants may face in the run up to and during such events.

3. Idea generation

Don’t limit the ideas of what makes inspiring Unit Leaders from just those who will take part in Selection Events. Are there upcoming events where the views and thoughts of other young people can be obtained? One idea for this might be to ask young people about situations and times where they have valued support from a Leader. It might be possible to replicate some of the scenarios as part of the selection event.

4. Youth Forum

Why not arrange a Youth Forum for the selection event? Prospective Unit Leaders could be asked to facilitate the forum. How applicants facilitate the forum may provide a good insight into whether an applicant would truly champion Unit Forums and Youth Shaped Scouting within their Jamboree Unit.

5. Passion

Any young people involved in the selection process must be enthusiastic and passionate – not just about Jamborees, and recruiting the best possible Unit Leaders for those participants attending the Jamboree, but for Youth Shaped Scouting.