Information for Scout Counties, Areas and Regions

We are currently in the early stages of our planning for the Jamboree and the Jamboree Organisers have released limited information to date. Scout Counties and Country HQs have now received Patrol allocationĀ information.

We also want to ensure that as a Contingent Management Team we are ready to support Counties , Areas and Regions in selection of both young people and adults to be part of Jamboree Units and we want to provide you them with all the information required to make informed choices on recruitment.

Further information to assist with the selection of Unit Leaders can be foundĀ here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the International Service Team (IST) for the UK Contingent be selected?

Information on applying for IST for the World Scout Jamboree will be available at the beginning of September 2017. The application process will be in two stages – an online application, followed by a selection day for successful applicants. We anticipate that applicants will be informed as to whether they have been successful once all selection events have been concluded in early 2018.

Will a pre or post event experience and home hospitality be part of the Jamboree experience?

We are currently assessing the form of the Jamboree experience for young people, and what is likely to be included in a post event experience, including home/hosted hospitality. We are considering options as to where in North America such experiences might take place. We hope to be in a position to share information in due course.

Is there any guidance on selection of Young People?

We intend to publish guidance on the selection of young people by Autumn 2017.

Is there any guidance on the selection of Unit Leaders?

Yes, guidance for the selection of Unit Leaders can be foundĀ here.