HoHo – USA

The UK is planning to bring 100 Units totaling 4,000 Scouts and Leaders to the 24th World Scout Jamboree in 2019.

This will be the largest ever contingent of UK Scouts to attend an international Scouting event overseas, and we are hoping you can play a part in making the experience one they will never forget!

We are looking for Boy Scouts and Venturers, from across America, who can host UK Scouts after the Jamboree in August 2019 for 3 days and 2 nights, allowing them to be part of your Scout family for a few days.

Whether at a campsite or your local meeting place, we want UK Scouts to find out more about living in the USA, your culture and everything that makes the USA (and American Scouting!) great.  

From our own experience of hosting international Scouts after a Jamboree, as we did in 2007, we know that every person involved has their own story to tell. We hope that you will want to join us in making this happen, and here are a few reasons we think you might want to get involved:

• Foster a sense of cross-cultural perspective and understanding

• Rediscover your community and the chance to be a tourist in your own area

• Create lifelong memories and experiences

• Form new links for your Scouts and your local area with Scout Groups in the UK

• Share the best of your Scouting and see what UK Scouting has to offer

• Create the opportunity to bring your Scouts to the UK for a future event

If you are interesting in hosting UK Scouts and finding out more, please complete the following expression of interest form. This doesn’t mean you are making any form of commitment to host UK Scouts, just that you are interested in hearing more about this unique opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be helpful in answering any questions you might have. But if you have any specific questions then please email HoHo@ukcontingent.co.uk

Will we need to let National Office know we are intending to host UK Scouts?

We are working with the Boy Scouts of America National Office to facilitate the hosting of UK Scouts and will be liaising with them throughout the process.

What experiences might we share?

This is up to you, and is a chance for you to show off the best your area and America has to offer! Is there something that you and your Scouts always wanted to do? – Hosting UK Scouts could be your chance! Be a tourist in your own town, see your area in a new way, find out everything you can and then share the knowledge

When will we be asked to host UK Scouts?

Our final plans for the Jamboree are still being developed. The Jamboree ends on the 2nd August 2019, and the UK Contingent are developing a “Post Event” experience, which means that UK Scouts will potentially arrive at theie host destination on the 5th August 2019.

When will I find out more information?

As soon as we know more! We we will be working with Boy Scouts of America to find out the art of the possible!

Will we be in contact with the UK Scouts we are hosting before they arrive?

Yes! We hope to match UK Scout Patrols and Units to their hosts in early 2019, to allow communication and friendship forming before they arrive.

How many UK Scouts will I need to Host?

Each Unit to the Jamboree is made up of four Patrols of nine young people and one Leader. Hosts should be able to provide accommodation and activities for a number of Patrols or a complete Unit.

How long will we need to host UK Scouts for?

We are hoping that UK Scouts can be hosted for 3 days and 2 nights. Though this could depend on return travel and distance from transport hubs (e.g. international airports).