Japan In A Box

jib headerThe Join-in-Jamboree pack to get the Jamboree programme to every member across the UK.

To make this year different, Japan in a Box is more than just a folder of programmes. Each Jamboree Unit has a ‘Japan in a Box’ filled with Japan based activities so local Scouts can get involved with the Jamboree experience. If you would like a Japan themed evening for your section then fill out the form below and we will make sure your local Jamboree Unit gets in touch.japaninabox


The activities in this pack are designed to give you a taste of Japan from language and tradition to food and games. We hope you enjoy running them with your sections. Keep an eye out for more Japan inspired programme ideas in Scouting Magazine and on the website in the run up to the Jamboree.As well as this activity pack each of the 75 Jamboree units across the UK have a physical box of Japanese resources that complements this activity pack. So if you’d really like to bring your Join in Jamboree experience to life do get in touch with your local Unit to arrange for them to come down and run some of these activities for you.

Click the banner to find 25 exciting Japanese themed activities. From making Daruma Doll, Komodo no hi – Koi Kites & Oshogatsu – Make a New Years Postcard


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