CMT Team

_MG_3266Byron Chatburn – Contingent Leader

Byron is responsible for leading the CMT and overseeing the progress of the whole contingent from planning, preparation delivery and evaluation.


_MG_3301Emma Townson – Contingent Manager

Emma is responsible for overseeing the project from a staff point of view including maintaining the project plan, managing the budget and disaster planning.


_MG_3275Chris Lomas – Deputy Contingent Leader (Operations)

Chris is responsible for all the operational aspects of the UK Contingent. This includes travel, Mimasu Tokyo, on event logistics and kit.



Peter Rogers – Deputy Contingent Leader (Contingent Support)

Peter is responsible for supporting the people side of the contingent. This includes Unit Support, Communications and IST Support.


_MG_3299Rachel Stockey – Event Advisor

Rachel is responsible for the contingent’s data management, supporting preparation events and is the front line for enquiries.


_MG_3281Jack Maxton – Communications

Jack and his team are responsible for developing the contingent brand and identity, developing media opportunities and delivering media training including Scouts Speak Up, Communications Champion and Young Correspondent courses. Jack will lead all on event media and communications for the contingent.


_MG_3289Andy Rosam – Unit Support

Andy leads a team of CST to provide direct training and support to individual Units before and during all parts of the Jamboree Experience. He also gives support to Solidarity & Branches Patrols and ensures delivery of medical/health and pastoral care.


_MG_3290Liz Smith – IST Support

Liz is responsible for the selection, preparation and support of the IST and JPT both in the lead up to and on event. Liz leads the ISupport Team to provide support to the IST before and throughout the entire Jamboree Experience.


_MG_3296Susie Roach – Kit, Equipment & UK Contingent Programme

Works with Scouts Shops Limited to develop and provide equipment for the Contingent, including uniform and other personal kit, optional personal kit and tents. Susie is also supporting IST to deliver activities from the UK at the Jamboree.


_MG_3284Paul Thompson – Tokyo Experiences

Paul is responsible for ensuring that the pre/post events taking place in Tokyo (Mimasu Tokyo) are the best they can possibly be. Paul researches and develops the programme for these events and ensures successful delivery on event.


_MG_3292Callum Farquhar – Home Hospitality

Callum is responsible for planning and coordinating the home hospitality for the entire UK contingent. He has built local relationships with HoHo contacts from all 47 prefectures in Japan.


_MG_3285Fie Rason – Travel & Girlguiding

Fie is responsible for organising travel for the entire contingent including all the trains, planes and automobiles that will get you not only to Japan but also to and from Tokyo and all Home Hospitality destinations. Fie is also our lead representative from Girlguiding


Contingent Support Team & Management Team Together!

Asked which way was Japan! (Not to worry we got it right in the end!)


Unit Support

These are all the lovely people who are responsible for providing support to the unit leaders. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them and can give guidance and advice on all things unit related.

ISupport Team

This is the amazing ISupport team. They are dedicated to ensuring that the experience of the IST is the best it can possibly be. If you email us at you will more than likely receive a response from one of these friendly faces.


The communications team do everything from designing Unit Leader & IST bulletins; developing the Japan in a Box resources, managing the social media pages and website right through to developing and delivering media coverage on site.


This group is made up of CST members who support operational aspects of the project including travel such as planes trains and automobiles and the Tokyo pre and post events.


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