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The UK Contingent will be one of the largest at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree, with over 4000 Scouts and Guides from all across the UK and further afield! The 75 Units (of 36 Scouts/ Guides and 4 Leaders) which make up the UK Contingent are each from a different county or region with their own unique character.

Having such a large contingent means there’s a lot to organise so each Units experience will be slightly different. Their experience will be made up of the same 3 building blocks:


An adventure in Tokyo with some exciting programmed activities and some time for each unit to plan their own activities or sightseeing.

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A gathering of 25,000 Scouts and Guides from all over the world. The Jamboree programme includes a whole day visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.


An opportunity to spend some time living with a Japanese family and experiencing Japanese culture at first hand (as well as a chance to make some great new friends).

An key part of the contingent are our army of volunteers who make the Jamboree happen…the International Service Team (IST). The 970 strong UK IST will take on a variety of roles in Japan, from running activities to delivering food for the participants. For the first time the UK Contingent is offereing a pre-jamboree experience for our IST members. Those taking part in ISTokyo will have an exciting adventure in Tokyo before visiting the Peace Memorial museum in Hiroshima.

Bringing the units together are team of volunteers on the Contingent Support Team (CST) and Contingent Management Team (CMT) who support local units and also cover a variety of other tasks, from ensuring the units are receiving the right information and assistance, to preparing the programme for when the contingent arrives in Tokyo.

The UK also supports Scouts from across the world to attend the Jamboree, where the cost would usually prevent them from joining this once in a lifetime experience. We do this through our solidarity patrols who join a UK unit and are every part a member of the Contingent. Our solidarity patrols are from Bhutan, Botswana and Eurasia.

To find out more about the solidarity patrols, or to donate to the solidarity fund, email us at ukcontingent@scouts.org.uk

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