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Our search is officially underway for the biggest and boldest UK Scout Contingent ever to attend a Roverway, and we need your help.

In 2016, The Scout Association took approximately 120 participants (age 16-22) and IST (aged 23+) to Roverway in France. In 2018 our aim is to take 350 to the Netherlands and to achieve this we have decided to radically rewrite the recruitment process.

What’s changed?

This year, we are giving Counties/Areas/Regions the opportunity to put forward and underwrite their own patrols of 6-8 participants, just as you would with a Jamboree Unit. The change is bold, but by making this shift we believe more young people will be likely to benefit from the Roverway experience. We also believe that a local approach will give Counties/Areas/Regions a much greater hand in the recruitment and preparation of their participants.

What is a Roverway?

Download our presentation for Counties/Areas/Regions and find out exactly what a Roverway is and how it differs from other international experiences.

What do I need to do?

Check out our planned UK Contingent programme and sign up to our webinar on 04 May 2017 at 7pm for more information – register here

Download our Participant Presentation which can be shared with young people interested in joining your County/Area/Region’s Patrol

If you are from England, ensure that you nominate your UK Contingent Point of Contact (PoC). In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the point of contact will remain with each Country office.

The UK PoC will act as a single point for communications and subsequent actions regarding Roverway 2018 and the World Scout Jamboree 2019. More information about the role and the process to nominate is available here.

The Roverway Recruitment Journey

RW Flowchart for Counties

*This timeline is approximate and subject to change. Further information regarding a schedule will be confirmed soon.

What about IST?

The International Service Team will have a huge part to play in the delivery of Roverway 2018 programme and UK Contingent experience. The recruitment process for IST will be carried out nationally and occur during Summer 2017. Please check back on the website for more information regarding this soon.


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