Meet the CMT


James Ferguson – Contingent Leader

James is responsible for leading the CMT and overseeing the progress of the whole contingent from planning and preparation to delivery and evaluation.


Emma Townson – Events Manager

Emma is responsible for overseeing the project from a staff point of view including maintaining the project plan, managing the budget, insurance and risk planning.


Emma Watson – Logistics & Kit

Emma is responsible for operational aspects of the UK Contingent including on-event logistics, travel and working with Scout Shops Ltd on the Roverway kit.


James Wylie – Programme & Momentum

James (also known as Wylie) is responsible for planning the UK Contingent’s programme outside of the core event such as briefing days and a UK-led pre-event. He will also lead the legacy of Roverway after the event.

Ollie Hyde – Patrol Leaders & IST Support

Ollie is responsible for the preparation and support of both our Patrol Leaders and IST (International Service Team) who ensure the event runs smoothly. This includes supporting the briefing days and training.

Ben Hodgkiss – Communications

Ben is responsible for developing the contingent brand and identity, creating regular eNewsletters and webinars for the contingent and managing social media channels.