Shape Your Moot

Its your Moot and we’d like to get everyone involved! The following interest groups (and more) have been formed to

  • Encourage each other to make a change
  • Enhance the Moot experience
  • Showcase the UK at the Moot International Day
  • Make new friends
  • Work together for fundraising, travel etc.

The majority of groups are Facebook based but there are plans for physical meet ups. As we get closer to the event, the plans of these groups will evolve and develop. Groups can choose to work together to help one another to Shape Your Moot!


  • Comms and media group – press releases, radio interviews and live instagram photo map
  • Languages group – Our plan is to make a little Icelandic phrase book that can be sent out to all Contingent members!
  • Science group – climate change, showcasing the UK as having the largest offshore wind capacity in the world
  • Cooking and Baking group (a.k.a The Soggy Bottoms)
  • Arts & Creative group
  • Team Sport group – Rugby teams and more!
  • Strava group – supporting each other with running, cycling and swimming
  • Dance/Drama group – a mash-up of the different traditional dances of each country in the UK, tap dancing, dressing up as shakespeare characters, ceilidh dancing
  • Music group – modernising a ceilidh to a playlist of tunes from around the country
  • Nature and environment group – put a little challenge book together for the younger sections
  • Technology group
  • Creative Writers group – Myths and Legends in the UK in theme with Elves and Goblins
  • Iceland in a Box Group – a group to discuss and develop programme ideas that could be included or supplementary to Iceland in a Box
  • Kayaking group
  • Sense of place (geography) group
  • Solo mooters – people who may not know anyone and would like to make new friends


  • North East England group – celebrate Yorkshire Day whilst we’re at the moot by wearing flat caps
  • Wales group
  • Herts, Beds and Bucks group – theme of Pinewood/ Elstree studios
  • East of England group
  • London group – live monopoly game