Participant Information

Iceland 5


Journey to The Moot

In the lead up to the Moot, the UK contingent will meet for two briefing weekends to prepare for the event, find out more about the theme of Change and bond as a contingent.

Prior to The Moot each participant will form part of a 10 person international patrol (with at least 2 members of the UK in each patrol).

As well as attending the Moot itself, all UK contingent participants will take part in exclusive pre‐ and post‐moot events. Further details will be provided closer to the event.

The Expedition

At The Moot, your patrol will experience activities, camp and live together for 9 days. The first four days of The Moot, The Expedition, will take place at one of ten stunning locations throughout Iceland. Glacier walking, kayaking, caving, swimming in a thermal pool, encountering the largest waterfall in Europe… these are just some of the activities on offer.  Click the map to find out where the Expedition could take you!


During the final 5 days of The Moot, all participants will come together for one large camp (Althingi) to share their experiences.

The Bull Village: Environment – exploring how nature impacts us and how we impact nature

The Eagle Village: History – exploring how our histories have shaped us and what we can do to impact our future– as individuals, as local communities and as a scouting movement

The Giant Village:  Life – exploring how our lifestyle is the foundation of our lives

Dragon Village: Arts and Innovation – exploring how creativity can unleash a different performance and thus impact our lives and our community

International Day: A chance to come together for a day of food, activities, dance and sharing of cultures.

Youth Forum: An opportunity to debate topics such as unemployment, education, health, water, energy, environmental sustainability and equality

More information about The Moot can be found on the official Iceland webpage


24th July to 3rd August 2017

Option A includes travel on contingent flights on the dates shown above. Option B does not include flights. Both options include two briefing weekends, kit,  the pre‐ and post‐Moot events, insurance and The Moot itself.