Moot 2017

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The Moot Checklist

  • ❏ Are you Moot Ready?! Take the Quiz!
  • ❏ Upload my passport to Eventsforce (Now overdue)
  • ❏ Double check medical and dietary information on Eventsforce and the Iceland database. (Note that if we are unaware of your needs we cannot guarantee provision of the appropriate food/facilities)
  • ❏ Contact my doctor for a spare prescription (if applicable). (IF you are worried about taking spare medication to the moot, we suggest bringing a spare prescription that can be fulfilled if required)
  • ❏ Make contact with my Patrol and Tribe
  • ❏ Join my UK regional group on Facebook
  • ❏ Complete my Safe From Harm training (Compulsory for IST)
  • ❏ Read all of the UK and Iceland Bulletins
  • ❏ Get my kit ready
  • ❏ Buy things for the International Day
  • ❏ Submit my Change pledge to Eventsforce
  • Meet the UK CMT
    Any questions? Visit the Moot FAQs or email