Point of Contact

The start of the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America is under 2 ½ years away! During this period there will be regular communications from the UK Contingent Team.


In the past, English Counties have been asked to nominate one individual as a UK Contingent Point of Contact (PoC) to act as a single point for communications and subsequent actions. We intend to use this model to support both the Jamboree and Roverway 2018 so that all future contact will be made with your designated Point of Contact.


In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the point of contact will remain with each country office.


We therefore request English County Commissioner’s nominate a PoC for your County, by filling in this form


The purpose of the PoC is to be the primary point of contact for all information from the Contingent Teams for both the Jamboree and Roverway. Information for Counties about the role of the PoC for Roverway can be found here


For the Jamboree the PoC will:

  • Receive all communications for action within their County. Once Unit Leaders are appointed, they will also be copied into all relevant UK Contingent-wide communications.
  • Be notified about International Service Team (IST) selection. They will need to arrange endorsement of potential IST applicants from the County, ahead of selection.
  • Be provided with guidance on the selection of young people.
  • Provide a link between the Contingent Team and other relevant local appointments.


The PoC will need to provide:

  • Confirmation of appointed Unit Leaders.
  • Confirmation of acceptance of number of Patrols.
  • Contact details for financial matters.


The PoC information needs to be provided by 23rd April 2017. If Counties do not provide a PoC, the relevant information will be sent to the County Commissioner and ACC (International) or equivalent.


FAQs for English Scout Counties and National HQs


Q. Where can I find out more information about the Jamboree?

A. More information about the 24th World Scout Jamboree can be found here


Q. When will we be notified about the number of Jamboree Patrols allocated to our County?

A. We intend to notify Counties of their allocation of Patrols by May 2017. The notification will be sent to County Commissioners, as well as their designated Point of Contact.


Q. How much will the Jamboree cost for Participants and Unit Leaders?

A. The Jamboree fee will be made available by early July 2017.


Q. Is there any information about the selection of Unit Leaders?

A. Yes, guidance for the selection of Unit Leaders can be found here.


Q. Is there any guidance about the selection of young people?

A. We intend to publish guidance on the selection of young people by Autumn 2017.


Q. How will the International Service Team (IST) for the UK Contingent be selected?

A. We will provide information on the selection process for IST in Autumn 2017.