Meet the Core Team

Caroline Pearce – UK Contingent LeaderCaroline Pearce

Hi I am Caroline, I’m really excited to be leading the UK Contingent to the next World Scout Jamboree in North America 2019. I’ve loved my previous international Scouting experiences initially participating in the 17th WSJ in South Korea, which in turn inspired me to spend a summer with Boy Scouts of America on a summer camp. I later took Scouts from Surrey to the 20th WSJ in Thailand as part of a unit leadership team, led Contingent Support on the Contingent Management Team at EuroJam in 2005, have been with our local Explorers to Croatia, part of Canyon Sub Camp team at the UK WSJ at Highlands Park in 2007 and more recently assisted with some of the CMT work for the 2017 Moot in Iceland….and my weekly role is ASL at a lively Air Scout Troop in Epsom, Surrey.

I believe international Scouting can have a positive influence on both those that travel but also those that stay at home and hope we can deliver this and much more for the 24th WSJ.

If you are looking for more information on the UK Contingent, the answers will be on this site once we have definite information to share. If the answer isn’t here it probably isn’t definite yet so please be patient. I look forward to meeting you!

Rachel Stockey – Senior Events Officer


Hello, I’m Rachel and I’m the Senior Events Officer at The Scout Association.

I joined The Scout Association back in 2013 after studying English at the University of Southampton. During my time at university I ran a social programme and welfare support for international students which gave me a passion for both working in events and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Since joining TSA I have worked on  a number of different events both nationally and internationally including, most notably, supporting the UK Contingent that attended the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015, which was a fantastic experience. Currently I project manage the Day of Celebration and Achievement at Windsor Castle and am on the CMT for UK Contingent attending the World Scout Moot in Iceland in 2017.

I’m really excited to be working with Caroline and all the team on the 24th World Scout Jamboree and creating another unforgettable international adventure for thousands of young people!


Jon Richards – Deputy Contingent Leader for Contingent Support and Development

Hi, I’m Jon and I’m the Deputy Contingent Leader for Contingent Development. I caught the bug for international Scouting in 2005 when I was part of the offsite activities team at Eurojam, this continued in 2007 when I was part of the Jamboree Organising Team for the World Scout Jamboree at Hylands Park. More recently I was part of the Contingent Support team for the 23rd WSJ in Japan, this experience motivated me to such an extent I’m back again for 2019. I believe that the Jamboree offers some amazing development opportunities for both individuals and the association. I’m very excited about the plans we have already for the UK Contingent to the 24th WSJ.

My local Scouting role is as Media manager for North Yorkshire and I am also a member of the North Yorkshire event support team when I can find the time!

I’m looking forward to watching the contingent grow and develop over the next 3 years, the opportunities offered by a World Scout Jamboree are amazing. I am really enjoying the opportunity to be part of the team charged with creating an amazing international adventure.

Andy Rosam – Deputy Contingent Leader for Contingent Engagement

My name is Andy and I have to confess to being a bit of a “Jamboree Junkie”, and so I am thrilled to be part of the team leading the UK’s attendance at the next World Scout Jamboree. I was lucky enough to attend a WSJ as a participant in 2002/2003 in Thailand and have been passionate about the benefit that they bring to young people since. As a result I have attended further WSJs as an Assistant Unit Leader in Sweden in 2011 and then in Japan as the person responsible for Unit Support on the Continent Management Team in 2015.

Locally I have been involved in both the scout sections and explorer scout sections in Brentwood and Essex Scouting, including leading the attendance of 75 people to a trip to Kenya in 2013. I also have worked on the staff of 4 other large international jamborees and have been very privileged to see on many occasions the power of international scouting as a force for good and positivity for our young people.

My role in this Jamboree will be an absolute delight as I sit responsible for making sure we create an amazing experience that is shaped and influenced by our young people. One of the most exciting things about this jamboree is all of the possibilities that a Jamboree shared between these three great countries brings. My role will include what we offer for our young people around the jamboree itself and also how we share this fantastic adventure with as many people as possible and seeing many of you there along side us.

Antony “Joker” Streets – Deputy Contingent Leader for Contingent Operations

Hello, I’m Antony but most people know me by my nickname “Joker”

I’m really excited to be selected as a Deputy Contingent Leader and part Caroline’s team to take thousands of Scouts to a once in a lifetime experience to the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America.

My first ever international experience was participating in the 19th WSJ in Chile from there I’ve travelled the world and created unforgettable experiences for young people. From taking Scouts to Switzerland, then on the Contingent support team for EuroJam in 2005, organised the Desert Hub at UK WSJ in 2007. I supported units as to 22nd & 23rd WSJ in Sweden & Japan on the Contingent Support team. My normal role is AGSL in Shaftesbury and Jurassic Director in Dorset. And in my spare team I’m Electrical Operations Manager for a Housing Group in South West.

I’m so excited to take this role on and creating a life changing international experience and making a positive influence to World Scouting to those going to North American and those in the UK