Information for Scout Counties, Areas and Regions

We are currently in the early stages of our planning for the Jamboree and the Jamboree Organisers have released limited information to date. Scout Counties and Country HQs have now received Patrol allocation information.

We also want to ensure that as a Contingent Management Team we are ready to support Counties , Areas and Regions in selection of both young people and adults to be part of Jamboree Units and we want to provide you them with all the information required to make informed choices on recruitment.

Further information to assist with the selection of Unit Leaders can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Patrol allocation be complete?

County Points of Contact and Country HQs were emailed with completed list of Patrol Allocation on the 2nd June 2017.

How many Jamboree Units have been allocated to the UK Contingent?

We are delighted to announce that we have been allocated 100 Jamboree Units (400 Patrols), which means that the UK Contingent will comprise 3,600 young people and 400 Unit Leaders. This will be the largest UK Contingent to attend a World Scout Jamboree overseas.

I requested additional Patrols as part of my allocation, but I haven’t received any additional Patrols. Why is that?

We received a lot of requests for additional Patrols, we have tried to ensure every County or Country that requested it got some increase in Patrols. However, we have not been able to meet all requests, due to the number of Patrols we have been allocated by the Jamboree Organisers.

I have a Patrol that is part of a composite Unit, how have the Patrols been selected to form composite Units?

We have tried to connect Counties that are geographically close together, or well connected through a particular airport, or road. There are a couple of locations where this has been difficult to achieve, but we have tried to find the best solution across the UK as a whole, whilst maximising the number of Patrols allocated to Counties.

Why have we not been informed of the fee?

We are keen to ensure that we offer all attendees a value for money experience and therefore we have initiated a travel tender process. The cost of travel is a significant proportion of the budget and through completion of a thorough tender and due diligence process we can ensure that we secure a reliable and cost effective option. As this proportion of the budget is unconfirmed we are unable to state a ‘no more than fee’ until the tender process is completed.

When will you publish the fee?

We anticipate being able to publish the fee by mid October 2017.

How can we commit to a Patrol allocation without knowing the fee?

Confirmation of Patrol allocations is not taken as a commitment from Counties/Countries to underwrite the costs for that allocation. Once the fee is confirmed Counties/Countries will be provided with the opportunity to reconfirm their Patrol allocation.

When will the first payment be due?

We will request the first payment for the Patrol allocations to be paid by Counties/Countries before the end of November 2017. This will be £400 per place and we hope by flagging this now you can start planning your own cash flow, budgets and fundraising with this in mind.

How can I recruit young people before the fee is published?

We anticipate being able to publish the fee by mid October 2017.  Consideration may need to be given holding your selection process for participants after this date.

Is there any guidance on the selection of Unit Leaders?

Yes, guidance for the selection of Unit Leaders can be found here.

Is there any guidance on selection of Young People?

We intend to publish guidance on the selection of young people by Autumn 2017.

How will the International Service Team (IST) for the UK Contingent be selected?

We will provide information on the selection process for IST in Autumn 2017.